Can We Rely on Aromatherapy?

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.49.10 PMAs I continue my research on essential oils, I am amazed by some of the facts that I discover about aromatherapy.

Most people don’t know about this, however this information can greatly benefit you and your family members.

Did you know that…

  • The Global Essential oil market is expected to reach USD 11.67 billion by 2022, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.
  • Global Essential oil market demand was 165.0 kilo tons in 2014 and it’s expecting to grow at 8.6% rate from 2015 to 2022.
  • Europe was the leading regional market demand share of essential oils, exceeding 40% in 2014.
  • Some major companies operating in the global essential oil market includes Biolandes, Sydney Essential Oils, HRF, The Leburmuth Company, Young Living Essential Oils, DoTerra, Essential Oils of New Zealand, Sydella Laboratoire, Farotti Essenze, Moksha Lifestyle Products, West India Spices Inc., Falcon and Ungerger Limited among others.
  • Although, the use of botanical oils have been in use for centuries, Essentials oils were discovered in 1928 by the French chemist, Rene Maurice Gattefosse.
  • Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were using plant oils for medicinal and beauty purposes long before modern aromatherapy was invented.
  • An Arab physician Avicenna (980 A.D. – 1037 A.D.) invented of a refrigerated coil which changed the way plants were distilled. This method is still used today
  • Only 1% of the entire plant species population produces essential oils.
  • There are only 21 plant families which produce essential oils.
  • When you are hot or tired, Peppermint essential oil is best . You can smell it directly from the cap for some quick energy or dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the back of the neck for a cooling effect.
  • Clary Sage is a powerful support for labor, especially when labor is stalled. Typically Clary Sage is avoided in pregnancy because of the possibility of this effect on the body. But once you are full term and woman’s body is ready for delivery, it is a great support.
  • Generally Clary Sage is known to reduce pain and increase circulation.
  • Marjoram oil is great oil for soothing the discomforts of contractions during labor. It can be diluted and applied to the lower abdomen.
  • Frankincense helps to reduce pain. Rub a few drops on your back or abdomen (wherever it hurts) for some wonderful pain relief. Frankincense is used for all kinds of pain, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding where medications could negatively affect the baby.
  • 3623.jpgRose essential oil has some unknown chemical components, which is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to duplicate the exact aroma of rose in synthetic form.
  • Essential oils can be used in the home as a natural cleaning product, as a healing agent during illnesses, to repel insects, as a food flavoring and/or as a spice, in the use of pets, and even assist plants in the garden. I replaced all commercial products in my house with natural products that contain essential oils.
  • An ‘essential oil’ is not always an essential oil – it may actually be a concrete, resin, resinoid, oleoresin or hydrosol.

 Sources: Aromatherapy Massage for You, Jennie Harding, 2005; Grand View Research, Inc.

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The Power of Essential Oils

The use of natural oils is a long-standing practice throughout human history. In fact, natural oils have been used in wellness practices as early as at least 5,000 years ago. The most famous Egyptian use of oils is in mummification. In preparing the bodies of the deceased for burial, embalmers used various botanicals such as cinnamon, resins such as frankincense and myrrh, and an early form of cedar or juniper essential oil.

Today we use the power of natural botanicals in a concentrated form known as essential oils to heal and enhance our physical, mental and spiritual body. Thanks to modern methods of steam distillation, expression, and extraction we can easily bring the aroma of natural botanicals to our homes and offices.

I have been using essential oils for years to recharge after a stressful day, to lift my spirit, to create a tranquil mood, to deepen spiritual practices,  strengthen my energy, and to create a sensual atmosphere. I add specific oils to my personal daily routine when I want to deepen my meditation or to increase the effectiveness of EFT.

What I found is that certain oils, if they match my personal energetic frequency, have an ability to amplify my intentions and produce a powerful transformative effect. The aroma of Frankincense, for example, provides a great support, especially while processing traumatic memories. After only 10 minutes of exposure, its aroma helps to transform  and release traumatic memories and assist in healing.

I was curious which oils have the most powerful effect on my body and my emotional state. I was measuring my subtle energy fields before and after application of oils using GDV technology. The results of these experiments helped me to identify which oils have the most positive effect on my energy system.

I created my personal aroma blends which I use daily during my time of work and relaxation. These blends help to transform my state of being from anger to acceptance, from anxiety to a feeling of safety, from despair to hope, and from grief to inspiration.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me that nature has everything we need to support and enhance our well-being. I remember her words every time I open a bottle of essential oil. I close my eyes and allow nature to take over me. My job is to set an intention and oils will magnify and manifest it.

In my mind’s eye I am able to see open fields of lavender, hear birds singing in the air, and inhale the soothing aroma of wild flowers… These sensations that are real for the mind create a positive effect on the the body. And effortlessly, an energy shift happens.

This year I will be sharing many great tips I learned about essential oils. With my wonderful friend, Rev. Denise Chillemi Lance, I will bring you simple, yet powerful tools that help to ease your deepest struggles so your life can be more enjoyable and abundant. We will share with you how to:

  • Ease your mind during stressful times
  • Naturally enhance your immune system
  • Use essential oils as first-aid and during emergencies
  • Energy test essential oils on yourself and others
  • Use specific blends to increase your energy levels
  • Reduce physical and emotional pain
  • Help your body after surgery and during recovery
  • Use oils in every day cooking
  • And much more…

Join us to experience the magic power of Mother Nature so you can feel more alive and free!