How much do you love yourself?

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.34.33 PMWith Valentine’s Day celebrated today all kinds of hearts are made in various forms and shapes from chocolate to plastic, encouraging us to show our love in some material way. However, material gifts can only be valued when given from the heart with intention of love and gratitude.

Beyond the gifts, can we think about being loved and expanding love into our relationships?

Love doesn’t have to be loud and flashy. Its presence can be felt when we are in a quiet space and in touch with our true loving nature. Love can be felt when we spend time alone, when we meditate, when we emerge ourselves in the enjoyable activities, or when we help other people. Self-love can transform your world and your relationships.

The following practices can help you shift into a higher frequency of love and naturally amplify quality of your relationships.

Clear Your Love Corner

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.40.52 PMBased on the Feng Shui Baqua Map, find the Love and Marriage corner in your house. It is located in the far right hand corner of your house.

Place two objects in this area which would symbolize your romantic relationship (for example, two crystals, two hearts, or a picture showing two birds). This will energetically bring your attention into the area of the relationship. If you single, your can focus on creating a loving, and caring relationship with yourself.

If this area of the house is cluttered, discard unused items, remove the old photos, especially those that reflect your past relationships. The pictures of your children who left the nest should not be placed in this area of the house.

Fall in love with Yourself

Remember, we weren’t born with the knowledge about how to love ourselves. Some parents and our environment conditioned us to ignore our loving nature. Many of us can feel guilty when we treat ourselves while others are craving for our attention. This guilt takes us even deeper into denial of our own needs and we give up trying to be kind to ourselves.

The following exercise will tell you if you have problems in the area of self-love:

  • Come to the mirror and look into your eyes.
  • Say these phrases out loud while looking into your eyes in the mirror:
    • I completely forgive myself for everything I have done wrong to others or myself.
    • I totally and completely accept every part of my being.
    • I treat every part of my body with love and respect.
    • I am perfect just the way I am. There is nothing I need to change about myself.
    • Repeat the last phrase 6 times.

If you have tears or resistance while saying these phrases, it means your conscious intentions are not in harmony with your subconscious mind. This can be a problem when you are trying to change something in your life. You would always roll back to your old patterns.

Remember, all choices you make in life are made based on your subconscious beliefs. You need to focus on shifting the beliefs that don’t serve you in the current situation. Energy therapies, such as EFT, EMDR, meditation, Past Life Therapy, or Energy Healing can help with letting go of the old belief system and replace it with healthy intentions.

Cultivate self-love on daily basis.


Why do you feel depleted after a flight?

Do you know what happens with your body when you fly?  

In the US there are around 14,000 medical emergencies a year and 350 in-flight deaths on the nine major U.S. airlines. This far outnumbers the annual toll of deaths caused by air accidents.

The air travel is so competitive that airlines are under such enormous commercial pressure to reduce costs wherever possible. This has led to cramped conditions and poor air quality which have important health implications for us.

I used the GDV Camera to measure my own energy fields before and after a flight. The surprising results of these experiments are available HERE.

Below are important facts you need to know about the negative effects of flying on your body. Please share with your friends and family to keep yourself educated and healthy.

Feeling sleepy and sluggish

On a long-distance flight, there is a significant stagnation of blood flow. Blood isn’t circulating as well as it should, which slightly reduces oxygen levels. Lower blood oxygen levels cause dizziness, sleepiness and general lack of mental sharpness. Plane cabins are pressurized to simulate a 6,000 to 8,000-foot elevation on Earth, and your blood absorbs less oxygen at those altitudes. 

We all need a regular intake of fresh air, and in a plane, air is drawn in by the engine and channelled into the interior. But many airlines try to conserve fuel by recycling air several times.

This problem of air quality is often at its worst when the take-off is delayed. Instead of returning to the departure lounge, the passengers remain on the stationary aircraft. When the engines are not running, there is little ventilation and the air becomes increasingly fetid.

Food doesn’t taste the same

posting111According to a 2010 study commissioned by Lufthansa, our taste buds go numb during a flight. Dry plane air can evaporate nasal mucus, and cabin pressurization can cause membranes to swell. This prevents us from fully detecting those food scents so crucial to taste. As a result, in the air, we are likely not enjoying eating meal. 

 Blood accumulates in your legs and feet

When you’re sitting for a long period of time, blood accumulates in your legs and feet. In extreme and rare cases, this can escalate into blood clots. During a simulated transatlantic flight, as much as four kilograms of fluid can shift from the circulation to the legs.

The goal is to push that blood back from your legs into your heart. Try to stretch, flex your feet, extend your legs or contract your calf muscles to circulate blood upwards, which will also boost oxygen levels and fight your fatigued feeling.

Feeling bloated 

As a plane rises and cabin pressure drops, the gas in your intestines expands. As a result, your stomach might feel bloated or cramped. Make sure you get up and use a restroom to release all that gas.

During a plane’s descent, the ear tubs that lets air in and out to maintain pressure doesn’t react quickly enough, so air can’t pass through and pressurize your ear correctly. Gas can get stuck in other cavities, such as teeth (causing a toothache) and sinuses (pressure).

Swallowing, clicking your jaw or yawning helps with resetting the ear tubes. It helps to open the tube, let air flow and allows the ear to return to normal pressure. 

Best fluids to drink on airplane

The air pumped into a plane cabin is extremely dry. Moisture naturally wants to move from places of high concentration, like your mouth and respiratory tract, to places of low concentration, like the cabin around you. You might feel dehydrated because exhaling moist air results in water loss in your body. Tomato juice, typically very salty on the ground, may taste less intense at higher altitudes, where our taste buds have a hard time detecting salty flavors. Tomato juice on the plain can be very satisfying and hydrating.

Sources: NBC News, COPA NationalFlyingmag, NBC10World Health OrganizationCN Traveler, DailyMail.

Human Energy Field before and after flying  

Lean about GDV Camera

The Effects of Flying on Human Energy Field

I am sharing the results of my experiments of measuring human energy field using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Camera. The readings of the biofield were taken before boarding the airplane and 3 hours after landing.

Considering the fact that this was a relatively short flight (3 hours 54 mints) from Albuquerque, NM to JFK Airport, NY, the results were surprising.

Dr.Konstantin Korotkov (my dear mentor and creator of GDV Instruments) is a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. He is a leading scientist internationally renowned for his pioneering research on the human energy field. The GDV technique is based on the Kirlian photography.

These GDV readings were performed during: 2/8/2016 – 2/9/2016.

Measurements were performed with Biowell Camera. The Chakra Index decreased from 90% to 39%.
Energy Index decreased from 75 to 39 joules.


Body Stress level increased from 2.33 to 2.93 bringing the body closer to anxiety state.         Energy level dropped from 66.93 to 39.43.

If such a relatively short flight had a negative impact on the body’s energy filed, imagine the effects of the longer flights on all the systems in the body. It’s important to ground yourself after landing by walking bare feet on the earth. In addition, using grounding devices on regular basis and hydrating your body during travel is critical to keep your body healthy and balanced.

HERE are additional recommendation on how to protect your health during air travel.