Powerful Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

Allergy Relief Six-Oils Formula

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  • 1 drop of Cedarwood essential oil *
  • 1 drop of Idaho Balsam Fir essential oil *
  • 1 drop of Lavender essential oil *
  • 1 drop of Thieves essential oil *
  • 1 drop of Copaiba essential oil *
  • 1 drop of Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil *

Add these essential oils into the empty vegetable capsule. Take one vegetable capsule every morning for two weeks during the spring season. If your allergies get worse, take 2-3 capsules per day.

Avoid red meat, gluten, and dairy as they create excess mucus in the body.

*Use only Therapeutic Grade Young Living Essential Oils.


Allergy Relief Lavender Formula


  • Add 6 to 8 drops of Young Living Lavender oil into the empty vegetable capsule.
  • Fill up the capsule with organic, cold pressed olive or coconut oil.
  • Drink 1 oz of Ningxia Red every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Take 1 capsule of Lavender oil every morning as soon as you notice first allergy symptoms.

When allergies are at their worst, increase the Lavender oil dose to twice a day and drink 1 oz of the Ningxia Red before 3 pm.

*Use only Young Living therapeutic grade essentials oils.

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Practical Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

what-is-allergy.jpgWarmer temperatures cause trees to begin pollinating as early as February in some regions, causing allergy season to last an extra month, right into October. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), this early release of pollen has a “priming affect” that make Spring allergies even more severe when the season is in full force.  Combine that with a heavy dose of precipitation over the winter, and you’ve got the ingredients for a unpleasant allergy season.

As opposed to western treatments which are intended to simply block the symptoms, Energy Medicine offers both acute treatments for symptom relief and treatments over a long period of time with the goal of regulating the imbalance behind the allergies.  The best time to treat is 2-3 months before the allergy season so the body can self-regulate and break the habit of the learned response to react aggressively toward the allergen.

While western medicines are very helpful they do not treat the underlying causes of allergies.  By balancing our immune systems in general you can offset these issues in the future.

This article provide practical allergy solutions that work for me and for my clients. They are easy to implement, drug free, have no side effects, and can be used by adults and children. Experiment with them and share with your friends and family.

Happy Spring!

Balance Triple Warmer Meridian

The Triple Warmer Meridian is the meridian that governs your immune system. The imbalance in this meridian can cause your immune system to overreact. This creates an allergic reaction to a substance that poses no real danger to the body, such as dust, pet dander, or pollen.

When Triple Warmer Meridian detects a potential danger, it creates a defense response we call allergenic reaction.  It is often some trauma that occurred in the past while you were exposed to the substance, like the smell of roses during the traumatic event.

Triple Warmer meridian governs your adrenal glands and sends the signal to adrenals to activate production of adrenaline. As tremendous energy being drawn to this meridian during an allergy attack, other energy systems in the body become deficient and weaken. That’s why energy medicine practitioners always balance the Triple Warmer meridian first. Here is how you can do it on your own.

The following exercise sedates Triple Warmer meridian in a minute or two by tracing a portion of it backwards.

Simple Ways to Stop Allergic Reaction

Sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian

1. Rest your face in your hands with your chin in the palms and your fingers at the temples. Take two deep breaths.

2. Using your fingers, trace the skin from your temples to above your ears. Hold this position and take at least two deep breaths.

3. Using pressure, slowly trace your fingers around the ears, neck, and over the top of your shoulders towards your chest until they reach your collarbone.

4. Release your hands and let them drop to your sides.

Tap Triple Warmer 3 Points

TW3pointRUsing the finger-pads of two fingers, tap between the little finger knuckle and the ring finger knuckle on the back of either hand.

Do this while taking a few deep breaths to help further balance the Triple Warmer meridian. Repeat on the other hand.

To be most effective, repeat this exercise once a day for at least 30 days. Otherwise, the Triple Warmer may stay balanced for a few days but return to its habitual pattern and react to the allergen again.

Natural Treatment for the Allergy Headache

One-Nostril Breath works best on headaches caused
by pollution or allergens (time 30-45 seconds):
1. Close your mouth and close off one nostril with a finger.
2. Take four or five slow breaths in and out the open nostril.
3. Repeat through the other nostril

Neti Pot and Salt

Neti Pots are small vessels shaped like Aladdin’s lamp.  Fill it with saltwater and rinse away the prickly sticky pollen grains that cause those terrible allergy symptoms.

Mix a quarter to a half teaspoon on non-iodized salt into a cup of lukewarm water and pour into the pot.  Tilting head over sink, pour up one nostril and water will be expelled out of the other. Repeat on the other nostril and gently blow out each nostril to clear completely.

Natural Antihistamines

  • Stinging Nettle acts as natural antihistamine without the drowsiness and unwanted side-effects of drugs. This can be made into a tea.
  • Butterbur is another of nature’s antihistamines that can be taken in supplement form as well. Take 50 mg twice a day.  Be careful if you are allergic to ragweed, as butterbur is in the ragweed family and can exasperate the symptoms.
  • L-Histidine. Although health practitioners use histidine less frequently than other amino acids, your body uses it to make histamine, which reduces your sensitivity to allergens. (Your body, however, can’t make all the histamine you need.) This amino acid can also enhance the uptake of some minerals like zinc and inhibit the absorption of copper.

Key uses of histidine include:

  • Clinicians recommend this amino acid in the treatment of allergic disorders, high blood pressure, and anemia, because it helps in the formation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood.

  • You can take histidine following an injury, because it helps form and repair tissue formation and repair.

  • Researchers have linked low histidine levels in the body to symptoms of fibromyalgia (painful or inflamed muscles).

Foods That Treat Allergies

  • Vitamin C has an antihistamine effect and can be found in citrus, strawberries, kiwis, bell peppers and pineapple.
  • Quercetin has been shown to reduce allergic inflammation and to reduce symptoms it can be found in red onions, berries and tea.
  • Omega -3 fatty acids help fight inflammation can be found in cold-water fish, walnuts, flaxseed oil, as well grass-fed meat and eggs.
  • Horseradish, chili peppers and mustard help keep airway clear and acts as a natural, temporary decongestant.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is educational and is provided as general information and for demonstration purposes only. This information is not to be considered advice that you stop seeing your health care professional or stop using prescribed medication without consulting with your doctor.

Pharmaceutical drugs or essential oils?


True healing can only take place with the participation of the patient on all levels – mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. The idea of “leaving it to the doctor” leads to unending sickness and poor health because ‘modern’ doctors are not trained to treat illness through the understanding of the body, mind, and spirit. Health care and health maintenance is something you must do for yourself.

Health care is your responsibility – not the government’s, not the insurance company’s, not the health care system’s, and not the doctor’s. Because current medical system conditioned you to completely rely on its tools and protocols,  it can be difficult to disconnect from it completely and start thinking independently.

Many people have already began their journey of self discovery, and many of them have achieved miraculous results. Perfect health is our birth right and we must claim and enjoy it.  Nature doesn’t requite us to pay a ‘co-pay’, or ‘deductible’.  No fees or third party insurance company involved.

The dangers of prescription drugs are intrinsic to the drugs themselves, not in how they are administered. No matter how careful the physician in prescribing and how compliant the patient in following doctor’s orders, even then deaths and damages occur. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, more than 100,000 Americans die every year, not from illegal drugs, not from drug overdoses, not from over-the-counter drugs, and not from drug abuses, but from properly prescribed, properly taken prescriptions. In this country, more people die from doctor’s prescriptions every ten days than were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The key ingredient of the self empowerment is to understand the difference between botanical and pharmaceutical medicine.  Natural molecules, such as those found in essential oils, are easily metabolized by the body. In fact, our body was created to handle them. When an essential oil molecule finds the receptor sites it was designed to fit and conveys its information to the cell, or participates in other therapeutic functions, it then goes on its way to the liver and the kidneys and moves out of the body. Its benefits have been conveyed and its job is complete.

The first step in improving your health is to minimize using chemically created products and replace them with natural ingredients, such as structured water, organic food and highest quality essential oils. Here is the difference between pharmaceutical drugs and essential oils:

  • Drugs toxify
  • Essential oils detoxify
  • Drugs clog and confuse cell’s receptors
  • Essential oils clean and purify cell’s receptors
  • Drugs depress the immune system
  • Essential oils strengthen the immune system
  • Antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria
  • Essential oils attack only the harmful bacteria, allowing our body’s friendly flora to flourish
  • Drugs are programmed to carry out certain actions in the body, whether the body can benefit from them or not. When body conditions change, drugs are still doing the same  work, even when their actions are no longer needed
  • Essential oils have homeostatic intelligence to restore the body to a state of perfect balance. When body conditions change, oils adapt to a new environment, stimulating or repressing enzyme activity, energizing or relaxing
  • Drugs are designed to send misinformation to cells or block certain receptor sites in order to trick the body into giving up symptoms
  • Oil molecules send information to cells and cleanse receptor sites so that they bring your body back to its natural function
  • Drugs never deal with the actual causes of disease. While they may give prompt relief for certain uncomfortable symptoms, because of their strange, unnatural design, they will always disrupt certain other bodily functions
  • Essential oils address the causes of disease at a cellular level by deleting misinformation and reprogramming correct information so that cells function properly and in harmony with one another
  • Drugs are unbalancing to the body
  • Essential oils are balancing to the body
  • Drugs only trade one kind of disease for another
  • Essential oils, if properly applied, always work toward the restoration of bodily health, they do not cause undesirable side effects
  • Drugs feed the body with lies, tricking you to believe that you illness doesn’t exist.
  • Oils are feeding the body with truth, giving you a clear picture of your current state of wellness
  • Drugs are packaged and flavored to make them look and taste good.
  • Oils don’t need packaging and flavorings as they naturally taste and smell good

Featured book: Healing oils of the Bible, by David Stewart, Ph. D.

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