I have been sick…

I have been very sick since last Sunday…

It started as a general fatigue and no appetite.

Couple days later these symptoms followed by penetrating headache, dizziness, body aches, chills, and itching in the throat.

3 days later I was in bed with 103 degrees fever, severe cough and breathing difficulties. I couldn’t move my body, I couldn’t talk, eat, or respond to people.

My friend, who is a medical doctor, explained that I had Pneumonia – an infection that inflames the air sacs in the lungs, causing cough with phlegm or pus, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. I also learned that bacteria, viruses and fungi can cause pneumonia.

My mom has been taking care of me all this time. She used only old Russian remedies, which she learned from her grandmother. This illness allowed me to spend several days with her…  it was nice to reconnect again.

After a week of being in bed, I am finally starting to feel better as my energy is slowly coming back. I didn’t use any drugs while I was sick, not even over the counter medications like Tylenol or Advil. I have to say that my body feels so much lighter; my mind is sharper than ever, my joint and muscle aches are gone, my eyes are brighter, and my skin is glowing. My digestive system was very happy to take a break from food.

And the most important, I am grateful for my body’s ability to recognize and destroy a virus that had an attempt to invade my body.

I know, this recovery and feeling of rebirth and complete renewal wouldn’t be possible if I  took antibiotics or other flu medications. I know the difference – I used to take flu medications in the past. They made me feel drowsy, nauseous, weak, and lethargic.

When I get sick, I use natural remedies and healing foods to support my recovery. When I do that, my body and mind feel restored and reinvigorated after illness. I have more energy and feel inspired and supported by the army of ‘dedicated inner soldiers’ – my immune system that fights for my health and always wins!

This inner trust into my body’s capacity to overcome any illness is very uplifting. I experience a deep gratitude and humbleness for being alive. Only 5 days ago my entire body was sick and inflamed when I was unable to take a breath without coughing. I felt scared, as I didn’t know what would happen to me tomorrow.

My renewed health and sense well-being is a reminder about the miraculous healing power that lives within me… and within all of us…

This experience makes me feel deeply inspired and wanting to continue my healing practice to help my clients achieve their wellness goals, creating a brighter future for themselves and their families.

P.S. Do you want to know about the powerful Russian remedies that I used to cure myself? HERE is the remedy that gave me energy and helped me to detox my liver.

What is your experience? What do you do when you get sick?  Please share your comments below….

Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT

#1 Russian Remedy for Cold and Flu


Did you know that Onions were used in Europe to successfully fight off the plague in the early 1900’s?

In Russia onions have been used to fight flu and cold we well as clear impurities around the house.

My grandmother used an onion compress for the chest and feet to cure coughs, fevers and flu. She also used the onion pad to reduce pain and inflammation in her joints.

My mother used onions to protect the body from viruses and colds. She used to say that white onions worked better than red onions. It was very common to have onions at a Russian home during winter flu season and to have cut onions in the room  an ill family member to relieve symptoms quickly and naturally.

If someone was sick, she would peel the onions and left them around the house as a preventive measure against flu and viruses. She would then replace the onions every 3 months.

If someone in your home becomes ill with a cough, flu, cold or fever, place a peeled white onion cut in half in a bowl in their room. The onion needs to be cut in half in order to expose the most amount of ‘healing power’ from its pungent odor.

It’s best not to leave a cut onion open in the fridge (to eat later) because as soon as an onion is cut, it will start to absorb bacteria.

If you cut an onion for a salad, either use the whole thing or put the other half in your garage or basement to absorb bad smells. Once the onion is in a salad in a sealed container, it is safe and can be eaten at a later time.

What Makes Onions So Effective

Onions are rich in sulfur-containing compounds that are responsible for their strong odor. Sulfur is a powerful detoxifying ingredient and helps the body to release toxins, especially for the liver. High sulfur foods help your body to detox from heavy metals like lead, arsenic and cadmium.

The onion is the richest dietary source of quercetin – a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to thin the blood, lower cholesterol, ward off blood clots, and fight asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, diabetes, atherosclerosis and infections and is even linked to inhibiting certain types of cancer.

Onions are also naturally anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antiviral. That, of course, is when you eat them.

Best Russian Cold/Flu Remedy

  • Cut one large white organic onion in quarters and place it in a food processor.
  • Add 3 tablespoons of raw, unfiltered organic honey and one organic lemon (cut it in half and remove seeds).
  • Blend this mixture together for 2-3 minutes until it becomes a paste-like consistency.
  • Eat one tablespoon every hour if you have flu or cold.
  • Or eat 1-2 tablespoons daily during the cold season to prevent getting sick.    

Sock Onion Remedy

  • Cut the white onion in half.
  • Place one half on the bottom of each foot so that the cut onion is against the skin.
  • Place a sock on top of the onion so it stays secure in place and leave overnight.
  • This remedy is excellent for flu and fever.

Let me know if any of these remedies worked for you. Leave your comments below.