What is this Aquarian Age?


Being born under the sign of Aquarius, I have been feeling the shift that occurred in my life since 2011. At that time, I wasn’t able to understand what was happening to me and why. in March 2011 I felt a strong desire to move into a new place, disconnect from my old relationships, and start a new career in Healing Arts. As I was emerging myself into learning about complex planetary cycles and a Human Design System, I was able to understand what these shifts meant and that they were happening not only in my life, but for the entire humanity. In this article, I wanted to explore and demystify the shifts in our consciousness associated with transition into the Age of Aquarius and provide tips for moving through this fascinating and challenging time with grace and ease.

What Triggered Aquarian Age?

In 1781 the planet Uranus, the ‘ruling’ planet of Aquarius, was discovered by the astronomer, Herschel. If you look at the history of the world since 1781, you will notice that our practices and our consciousness considerably shifted. The energetic effects we experience with the shift from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius is a movement away from dogmas to logic and science. The quality of the Aquarian Age can be summarized in a single word “Synthesis.”

The Aquarian Age will continue for the next 2000 years. As per Santokh Singh Khalsa, the official beginning of this age is November 11, 2011. Some sources have set this date as December 21, 2012. Regardless of which date is more accurate, as a result of this evolution, we are experiencing dramatic changes.

Many people don’t care if they are a Pisces, or a Gemini, or what their moon or rising sign is. Transition into the Aquarian age is significant because it changes the conditions for our planet. And every human on planet Earth has been and will be affected by this shift. Let’s examine this period and see how it impacts our lives.

The Age of Pisces has been characterized by hierarchy and power. The key phrase for this age was a statement from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “To be or not to be.” If we decode this statement in the context of Age of Pisces, this means that in order to make a successful and happy life, you needed to find someone or something to believe in.

The key lesson of this period is this: “When I find something I can believe in, I attach myself to that “thing” and rely on its guides for my decision making, my work, my relationships, and my beliefs.” This could be a political view, a religion, a leader, a guru, work, etc. During that time, the secrets to the truth of how life works were hidden in the monasteries and ashrams. You didn’t need to know these secrets as long as you followed leaders, gurus and other guides without questioning their authority and expertise. As a result, we created vertical hierarchies and it was essential for each of us to find our own place in these hierarchical systems. Our parents and grandparents have spent a lot of time and energy to get to the “top” of these hierarchies in order to gain power, authority, financial freedom, etc.

This system has been the basis for human consciousness for the past 2000 years. Going back 2000 years, everything that children learned from their parents and grandparents, has been colored by this Piscean frame of consciousness. And now that system is falling apart.

Beginning of Aquarian Age

The New Aquarian Age is associated with expansion, sharing, networking, and information. The keynote for this age is “TO BE” and the phrase associated with the astrological sign Aquarius is “I KNOW.” We are currently in the age of information where we don’t have secret anymore. All information is available at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Where the Piscean age was organized in a vertical, up and down structure of hierarchies, the Aquarian Age is organized in a horizontal system, opening the world up to equality, transparency, authenticity, self-expression, sharing, and open communication.

The focus is no longer on your identity and belief system (“believe or not to believe”), but on accepting yourself as a whole person (“be yourself”) who has a right to openly express his/her desires and needs. The essence of this period is releasing a need to believe in something outside of yourself, and willingness to accept that you have the knowledge, inner-guidance, and wisdom within yourself. It is no longer necessary to attach to something outside yourself, but to become a self-guided, self-empowered, self-sustained individual.

With this understanding of how we operate in this new environment, it is easier for us to realize what has been happening in the world over the last 50 years. On the personal level, since the 1960’s, there has been a huge emphasis on the personal transformation: self-improvement movement, yoga, meditation, tai chi, self-awareness tools, complimentary medicine, energy healing, organic food, etc. We also have experienced a major increase in mental illnesses: anxiety, stress, depression, suicide, and drug abuse, both pharmaceutical and recreational.

On the external level, we have seen many shifts: environmental consciousness, civil rights, women’s rights, global consciousness, and gay rights. On the other side of the spectrum, we have also seen the rise of the terrorism, racism, fundamentalism, xenophobia (the fear of the “other”), and huckstering.

This shift is bringing out the best and the worst in us. Many of us are responding by opening our hearts and minds and embracing this new age. Some people are intimidated by the changes because they don’t understand what’s happening with them and around them. They chose to ignore it, hoping to return to a “golden age” in the past, or surround themselves with those who are like themselves.

If you are struggling with finding your place in this shifting world, please understand that transformation is never a painless process. When you fast or cleanse to purify your body, you feel worse at first, because toxins in the body get disturbed in order to be removed. Once these poisons have been eliminated, you feel lighter and more energized. Every person on planet Earth is now going through this purification process. We are experiencing a time of radical change. It is our time of big potential growth and expansion, but it is also a time of great potential pain and suffering. The greater your understanding of what is happening, the easier it will be for you to go through all of the changes without losing your stability and balance.

Here are my suggestions to help you make this transition easier and painless:

1. Have your own daily spiritual practice or a ritual. Every spiritual tradition has one thing in common – a daily ritual: exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, contemplation, chanting, writing, creating art, etc. The important part of this practice is to do it with intention to let go of your blocks (or shadows) and focus on your conscious intentions. Meditation and learning about your Human Design are the most powerful tools that I have found, but you must find your own and collect the tools for your own toolbox.

2. Disconnect from negative emotions, such as fear, aggression, and anger. Social Media, environment, politics, and terrorism can trigger many of these negative emotions. If you understand that they are all symptoms of the Aquarian shift, then you can go through them without losing yourself. If you feel that your emotional state changes after watching TV or being with certain types of people, disengage and allocate time to be alone. You may unplug from the world by walking in nature, journaling, or simply contemplating your thoughts.

3. Stop being a victim. Remember that you always have the power to change your life. Don’t give that power away to anyone through resentment or blame. Remember, that you are responsible for your own happiness and satisfying your own needs is your job. The Aquarian Age is all about empowerment and consciousness. Learn about your needs, your passions, and your deepest desires. Once you connect with your needs, take action steps to satisfy them. Give up the idea that you need something or someone to give you fulfillment – it’s the goal of the marketing industry to make you believe that you need some product or a service in order to fulfill your spiritual needs.

4. Inspire others. The more people who consciously choose to embrace the Aquarian Age, the easier this transformation will go for all of us. A small percentage of people who have shifted their consciousness influence the rest of us. Find a way to spread your light using your gifts and talents. Inspire, heal, teach, serve those in need, support your community while loving what you do. Welcome to the Aquarian Age!

Human Design System (HDS), which came into being in 1987, is a modern-day tool that provides all the instructions we need in order to live in this Aquarian Age. It teaches you how to manage our own energy as an individual and how to interact with others without resistance. HDS is also a system of differentiation that empowers you on an individual level. It synthesizes modern science, including physics, epigenetics, astrophysics, and 4 of the great esoteric systems: Astrology, I-Ching, Kaballah and the Chakra system. Instead of being a railroad car that is started by an engine, you will learn how to become your own engine based on your own strategy and authority.

Ready to discover your uniqueness? Get your Human Design Chart for free here and join me LIVE on Facebook here.

How do you share your light, your message and your gift with the world? I’d love to know in the comments below. 🙂

Love your awesome Self!


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Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT, works with women entrepreneurs who suffer from autoimmune illnesses. She helps them rebuild their health so they can create profitable, passion-infused business. She is a gifted intuitive, Human Design analyst, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Past Life Therapist, Human Biofield Specialist change catalyst, passion coach, teacher, and speaker. Find out more about Irina here.

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