What is Productive Inaction?

June 25 – July 1 ䷳

Sun’s Transit in Gate 52

Standing Still

Preparing for New Beginnings

This week’s energy is about reflection through sitting still and observing your own inner and outer patterns in order to analyze, utilize and perfect them. This week is also a great time to creating strategies for your future, planning and setting goals.

This week brings closure to our mental dilemmas of finding meaning in our past experiences, especially for the yang (masculine) energy that is going through a big transition right now.

Often we can find that our decisions are not really our own, but decisions and choices made based on the pressures of the external forces and people. Many times these dysfunctional patterns are rooted far back in our past years of survival and personal traumas. This week’s energies can bring the pressure to express these experiences and to share your personal stories with others. This can invoke thinking and discussions about the lessons you learned during your process of reflection. The Sun in Gate 52 also brings pressure to invest in future projects while finding joy in sitting still and not taking action steps.

If you have been receiving mental downloads, inspirations, and goals, this can be a very productive week of planning and coming up with the step by step action plans we well as rewards and celebrations of your past accomplishments. This could be a healthy meal, a massage, a romantic date, or a movie. Whatever it may be for you, it’s important to find moments for stillness, relaxation, and self-care. When your life is filled with stress and anxiety, it can exhaust you if you forget about your own needs.

If you sense a great need for a pause and self-reflection, this can be a great week to observe your own patterns, learn about other people patterns, and dive into learning about the complexed subjects that require focus and concentration.

If something still remains internally unprocessed, misunderstood, or forgotten in your life, immerse yourself in it and analyze your tendencies until you have clarity and full understanding of the situation. When you process a situation completely, it creates energetic closure; it lightens your spirit and allows you to focus on future tasks and goals. This can be incredibly productive and liberating, although it doesn’t feel enjoyable at the moment. If you don’t process things properly, you continue to carry them around with you like a heavy bag that weights you down.

This can be a great week to analyze your fears and internal blocks that hold you back from experiencing your Higher Self. The upcoming Solar eclipse next week sets the state for the coming months. It will shine a light on your fears and insecurities, bringing a desire to find new ways of being and to provoke change.

Stress can distort your decision-making process. There may be a tendency to become overwhelmed and have an assumption or expectation that other people care, while in fact, they don’t. Considering this transit, take your time to get to know people before you give them your money or your power over something that is means a lot to you.

You might miss the warning signs or you ignore them completely because someone may ‘appear skillful or capable’ to manage your resources and consider your interests. Allocate extra time this week to do your homework, research, analyze, and evaluate all options. 

Stillness is an essential part of every natural cycle in Nature and it’s here for a reason. This week you may become impatient and tempted to take shortcuts that won’t work long-term.

If you are in a romantic relationship, it can be wise to take things slow and to not jump into conclusions. Remember, there will be a time in the future for you to reconcile with someone who previously rejected or didn’t recognize you for who you are in a personal or business relationship. If your ex is calling you and wants to connect (considering the current transit most likely it will be a man), remember he left you for a reason and he wants to reconnect for a reason. Ask the right questions and understand his motives before making a final decision.

Gate 52 transit is asking us to reevaluate and upgrade our value system. Just because someone has a demand that feels urgent to them, it doesn’t mean that it is a justified demand and you should be under pressure to deliver. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What can’t you tolerate when it comes to your current situation and other people demands?
  • What are the unhealthy demands of others that violate your inner truth?
  • What are your values and where you are not willing to compromise them?

Stress and Search for Distraction

Based on many years of observing my clients and my own energy, I realized that the energy can be easily wasted during this time period when it’s not channeled properly. If you don’t know where to channel our energy correctly now and if you can’t pause your work this week, be prepared for a major disappointment. One of the shadow frequencies of the transits is a strong urge to seek meaningless distraction. The shadow frequency of this week’s transit is stress. It can manifest itself as binge-watching on Netflix, endlessly prolonged coffee breaks in the office kitchen, drinking too much alcohol, or overeating. Watch out for these tendencies this week and try healthier approaches to dealing with stress.

The question you can ask yourself this week are:

  • What are we putting our energy into and what do you focus your attention to?
    Are you doing your inner-work in stillness while observing and analyzing your patterns?
  • Do you feel pressured or stressed, and distract ourselves with the things that don’t matter, and thus missing the present moment?

Effective Use of Your Energy

  • Recognition of natural cycles of pausing and resting as a possibility to redefine your strategies, to change your approach, and to release what’s not working. 
  • Opportunity to focus small things and tasks while waiting for the big things to happen.
  • Clear physical and/or emotional clutter as a preparation step for the future things/people to come into your life.

Ineffective Use of Your Energy

  • Being restless and not having the patience to pause.
  • Taking the shortcuts instead of taking time to pay attention on small details and analyze the situation from all angels.
  • Forcing things to happen and ignoring internal need to take a break (physically or mentally) despite visible signs of discomfort and/or pain.

This week can also bring inspiration through your dreams, most of which may not be to act upon. Some of these reams might be truly inspiring and worth writing for future realization. Keep your diary and a pen next to your bed to write  down these dreams as soon as you wake up.

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Written by Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT