Powerful Effects of Mercury Retrograde


It’s not a coincidence that the largest 14-hour Facebook and Instagram outage happened during the Mercury Retrograde. On March 14, 2019 tens of thousands of people were unable to access their Instagram and Facebook accounts. This was the largest failure in the 15-year history of Facebook. This outage also affected Facebook’s apps, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

If you don’t know anything about the Mercury Retrograde, you may have wondered how could this happen to such large organizations.

Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that affects everyone in a consistent way, and its effects are always consistent. Once you begin to notice how events in your life change during these planetary cycles, you can plan the important events in your life accordingly.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the planet located closest to the Sun. Its orbit is much shorter than Earth’s orbit. About 3 or 4 times a year, Mercury speeds past Earth, and that is when we experience a retrograde period. Imagine being in a car and another car passing your car. You could tell it was going faster than you. But if it slowed down and you then passed it, it would appear that that car was going backward.

As Mercury speeds up, it is creating an intense wind in its trail. This turbulence and turmoil Mercury creates when it retrogrades can affect what we feel on Earth in our daily lives. I always consider the following rule: “As above, so too below.” This means there is a fractal correlation between the Universe and human activities here on Earth.

Mercury Rules Communication and Intelligence

Mercury rules all types of communication, including speaking, learning, reading, researching, negotiating, listening, editing, selling, and buying. It also rules all legal contracts and agreements, as well as significant documents such as term papers, agreements, book manuscripts, deeds, contracts, leases, and wills.

All types of computer codes, shipping, transportation, and travel are under this planet’s domain. When Mercury retrogrades, these areas tend to get scrambled or go out of control.

What to Do During the Retrograde

Don’t make any important activities when Mercury is in retrograde. Nothing will be settled favorably for the future during these phases. You will find it almost impossible to follow a plan.

During a retrograde period, it is hard to get decisions from people. Even if a decision is made, it will be changed right after Mercury turns to direct motion or later.
Mercury retrograde period would not be a good time to do anything concerning communications, such as launching a new project, website, or an advertising or promotional campaign.

If you buy a house, problems could surface later that were completely unanticipated.

No one can fully predict what conditions will be like after retrograde is over. If you start a new job, it may not be the position you thought it was when you were accepting it. If you are a supervisor, you will have difficulty choosing the right candidate for the position. If you can, delay hiring anyone.

Retrograde is also considered not a good time to launch any new endeavors, even if they are not related to communication. This period is not a good time to sign any contracts or shake hands on new agreements. Postpone closing on a house during this time or signing a lease. Verbal agreements are considered the same as written. The atmosphere will be quite unpredictable, no matter what you say or what you think.

Do Not Plan Surgery When Mercury, Venus, and Mars Retrograde

At other times in life, we do have a choice about when to schedule a surgery or procedure. If you have an emergency, you must visit a doctor.
However, it is best to avoid surgery during the Mercury retrograde period. This is the period where mistakes are more likely to happen than at other times. Remember, your doctor or a surgeon is under the same conditions as you, so I would suggest rescheduling your procedure for a better time.

I would also advise to avoid plastic surgery when Venus retrogrades. Venus rules beauty, and the whole purpose of the surgery is to enhance your looks.

Mars rules the whole area of surgery, so you want Mars to be in the best possible shape as well. It is a good strategy to avoid operating on the part of the body that the sign Mars is moving through.

For example, if Mars is in Capricorn, it would not be the best time for knee surgery since Capricorn rules the knees. Having surgery performed during Mars retrograde will increase pain and swelling. A full moon at the time of the surgery may increase bleeding and swelling. Of course, if you have an emergency, don’t worry about any of these rules.

Other Important Things You Should Know

Mercury retrograde periods are notorious for causing electronics to break and for machines and appliances to show signs of damage, requiring urgent renovations and repairs. Backup your data in advance of any Mercury retrograde period. If you work in Information Technology and had planned to install new software, wait until the retrograde period is over.

Weird things happen during these periods. For example, you may suddenly realize that you were sold a defective hard laptop, even though it may never have given you problems in the past, at least not until you created an important document and your whole system suddenly went down.

Because Mercury rules the mail and the conveyance of information, be extra cautious while sending important documents. If you send an email, be sure to call the person to confirm that they received it. Otherwise, they may never see it. Be careful about whom you send email to – you don’t want to send a private email to the wrong person or have a delicate email delivered to others.

Your customer or a business partner may suddenly change direction on a project you have been working on together, which may require you to abandon some of the work you did in the past.

Miscommunications are very common during the Mercury Retrogrades. Articulate and summarize your thoughts for other people and what they told you. Go the extra mile – you will be glad you did!

Since Mercury also rules commerce, don’t buy or sell anything expensive during its retrograde periods. If you buy something expensive, such as a car or a phone, you may regret your purchase later.

If you are buying or selling a home, anticipate problems, glitches, and delays arising. The only times you can buy something expensive during a retrograde is if you are planning on returning it back to the store.

Because Mercury rules moving parts, appliances, cars, computers, technology items, and other electronics are highly susceptible to Mercury in a retrograde period. For example, you may buy a dishwasher and 3 weeks later discover it has gone on sale for much less than what you paid. Or you buy an expensive phone during a retrograde only to drop it or lose it.

Postpone Your Travel Plans During Retrograde

If you travel during a period where Mercury is in retrograde, bring extra maps or make sure you have back up GPS, and make sure you have enough gasoline. Verify that you have the correct address and clear driving instructions. Have it inspected and fixed before you leave for your trip. You don’t want a problem to surface when you are on the road.

If you are flying, check your airline company to make sure your flight is taking off on time. Have your luggage properly labeled so that it won’t get lost or sent to the wrong terminal.

It might be wise not to travel during Mercury retrograde, especially if your trip involves business. Yet, if you are returning to see a past client you’ve worked with in the past, traveling during the retrograde would not produce problems.

If you are in sales, give all your current clients special attention during these phases.

You can take personal travels for pleasure and fun during these periods. This could be a perfect time to get away from stress and work. You might want to travel to a place from your youth that you loved but haven’t visited in a long time – going back to the places you have been to is preferred.

Forgetfulness can be an issue during these phases. You are more likely to leave your passport or a smartphone somewhere rather than put it in your pocket, leave your sunglasses or gloves in the back seat of a taxi, or lock yourself out of the car. I always tape my business card on the back of my laptop or cell phone when I travel, in case one of these treasures is lost.

Mercury retrograde is notorious for creating confusion in romantic relationships as well. Partners tend to have miscommunications that can cause a domino effect. Try not to jump into judgments and assumptions. Remember, your beloved can also experience a sudden change of mind. For example, if your partner says, “I want a divorce,” he/she could say later, “I don’t really mean it!” That’s because people aren’t always thinking straight during these phases.

How to Minimize Challenges Associated with Mercury Retrograde

Each year Mercury retrogrades in three different signs of the zodiac. If it retrogrades in your personal birth sign, obstructions and difficulties will become even more obvious. In this case, try to be extra alert and confirm your assumptions, ideas, creative efforts, and other plans. Always allocate extra time to detect errors and flaws. These periods require a slow and deliberate pace.

Every year, Mercury will favor one element over another. In 2012, for example, Mercury retrograded in fire signs. This indicated that we need to apply completely new, innovative solutions to our problems. Fire signs are highly creative and pioneering – they always come up with amazing solutions. Fire signs think on a broad scale, so if you are a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius), you can think that way when attacking the problem, too.

Consider these periods as times when the wind is changing direction. What makes them so troublesome is that you cannot see yet that areas of your life are about to change, often fundamentally.

A Key to minimizing challenges associated with Mercury Retrograde is to learn about the qualities of each zodiac sign.

When Mercury retrogrades in one of the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn), you must be practical about finding a solution and be aware of your time or budget.

If Mercury retrogrades in one of the air signs (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius), lots of discussions will need to take place, as air signs are highly communicative. If you were born under one the air signs, have conversations with a lot of people, get their responses, and do your research. Air signs are analytical and modern – you may discover a solution that is very new. Use the answer that appears best for you if you are using this method, and make sure you are objective and not emotional in choosing your answer.

If Mercury retrogrades in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), you must use your intuitive abilities. Research may say one thing, but your intuition tells you to follow your gut and chose something else. Often our emotional intelligence is more reliable. If Mercury retrogrades in your water sign, it’s an instant signal to start listening to that inner voice within.

If You Were You Born Under Mercury Retrograde

People born under this phase are said to have profound and contemplative natures that help them think through complex concepts quite creatively. Never worry about having a baby during one of these retrograde periods – it is always a good time to have a child.

Mercury’s Impending Shadow

As Mercury approaches its “shift” in direction, it will progress along a path that it will later retrace in the sky over the next few weeks. The 2-3 week period prior to Mercury retrograde is called the “impending shadow period.” If you initiate anything important during that period (in the time before Mercury begins to retrograde), you still may encounter problems.

If you have a choice whether to sign documents or initiate an action prior to Mercury retrograde or just after it is finished retrograding, I suggest you wait and act later. Try to add a little breathing space (a few days to two weeks) from the date Mercury goes direct. Waiting is always the wiser option. Always allow 2 days, minimum, after Mercury moves direct speed before you start initiating projects or making big purchases. The more time you can allow after Mercury goes direct, the better. If you can wait two weeks, it would be a wise choice.

The Purpose of the Retrograde

Although Mercury retrograde periods can be difficult, they are often necessary for our well being. They enable us to revisit, reassess, revise, and redesign our plans. Human beings have a tendency to be in a hurry without pausing and fully considering their assumptions or actions. Mercury retrograde allows us to pause, review our actions, listen, and redirect our future in order to move forward more productively. Mercury also helps us bring closure to certain situations and let go of unhealthy relationships.

Retrograde periods allow us to reconnect with old friends and relatives that can be one of the most uplifting and enjoyable parts of our lives. If your old friend or colleague calls or emails you during Mercury retrograde, there is a great reason for it. It means there is something that the two of you are meant to do together.

You can all benefit from taking a closer look at your life with greater depth, which happens when Mercury retrogrades. These periods tend to make us slow down, which at times can be a blessing and an opportunity to recharge our energy.

What Should You Do During Mercury Retrograde?

It would be a great time to organize your house or digital files.
During these times, you may find more time to get things done. When you clean your house, you will discover treasures you thought you lost or had forgotten about. It’s always a reward for finding things you have not seen in a while.

Mercury rules anything that begins with “re”, such as revisit, remodel, redo, repair, repeat, redesign, or reassess. It’s a human nature to want to experience new things, but we also need to focus on the quality of our lives and improve things that don’t work. Often this is a wise use of our energy than continually chasing after the shiny new objects. This period allows us to pay more attention and to correct our actions.

Becoming aware of Mercury retrograde periods can help you increase your productivity and bypass many unwanted frustrations they can bring into your life.

Mercury Retrograde Periods from 2019 to 2021

March 5 – 28: in Pisces (water)
July 7 – 31: starts in Leo (fire), ends in Cancer (water)
October 31 – November 20, 2019 Scorpio (water)
February 18 – March 9: starts in Pisces (water), ends in Aquarius (air)
June 17 – July 12: in water-sign Cancer
October 13 – November 3 in Scorpio (water), ends in Libra (air)
January 30 – February 20: in Aquarius (air)
May 29 – June 22: in Gemini (air)
September 27 – October 18 in Libra (air)

Why do you feel depleted after a flight?

Do you know what happens with your body when you fly?  

In the US there are around 14,000 medical emergencies a year and 350 in-flight deaths on the nine major U.S. airlines. This far outnumbers the annual toll of deaths caused by air accidents.

The air travel is so competitive that airlines are under such enormous commercial pressure to reduce costs wherever possible. This has led to cramped conditions and poor air quality which have important health implications for us.

I used the GDV Camera to measure my own energy fields before and after a flight. The surprising results of these experiments are available HERE.

Below are important facts you need to know about the negative effects of flying on your body. Please share with your friends and family to keep yourself educated and healthy.

Feeling sleepy and sluggish

On a long-distance flight, there is a significant stagnation of blood flow. Blood isn’t circulating as well as it should, which slightly reduces oxygen levels. Lower blood oxygen levels cause dizziness, sleepiness and general lack of mental sharpness. Plane cabins are pressurized to simulate a 6,000 to 8,000-foot elevation on Earth, and your blood absorbs less oxygen at those altitudes. 

We all need a regular intake of fresh air, and in a plane, air is drawn in by the engine and channelled into the interior. But many airlines try to conserve fuel by recycling air several times.

This problem of air quality is often at its worst when the take-off is delayed. Instead of returning to the departure lounge, the passengers remain on the stationary aircraft. When the engines are not running, there is little ventilation and the air becomes increasingly fetid.

Food doesn’t taste the same

posting111According to a 2010 study commissioned by Lufthansa, our taste buds go numb during a flight. Dry plane air can evaporate nasal mucus, and cabin pressurization can cause membranes to swell. This prevents us from fully detecting those food scents so crucial to taste. As a result, in the air, we are likely not enjoying eating meal. 

 Blood accumulates in your legs and feet

When you’re sitting for a long period of time, blood accumulates in your legs and feet. In extreme and rare cases, this can escalate into blood clots. During a simulated transatlantic flight, as much as four kilograms of fluid can shift from the circulation to the legs.

The goal is to push that blood back from your legs into your heart. Try to stretch, flex your feet, extend your legs or contract your calf muscles to circulate blood upwards, which will also boost oxygen levels and fight your fatigued feeling.

Feeling bloated 

As a plane rises and cabin pressure drops, the gas in your intestines expands. As a result, your stomach might feel bloated or cramped. Make sure you get up and use a restroom to release all that gas.

During a plane’s descent, the ear tubs that lets air in and out to maintain pressure doesn’t react quickly enough, so air can’t pass through and pressurize your ear correctly. Gas can get stuck in other cavities, such as teeth (causing a toothache) and sinuses (pressure).

Swallowing, clicking your jaw or yawning helps with resetting the ear tubes. It helps to open the tube, let air flow and allows the ear to return to normal pressure. 

Best fluids to drink on airplane

The air pumped into a plane cabin is extremely dry. Moisture naturally wants to move from places of high concentration, like your mouth and respiratory tract, to places of low concentration, like the cabin around you. You might feel dehydrated because exhaling moist air results in water loss in your body. Tomato juice, typically very salty on the ground, may taste less intense at higher altitudes, where our taste buds have a hard time detecting salty flavors. Tomato juice on the plain can be very satisfying and hydrating.

Sources: NBC News, COPA NationalFlyingmag, NBC10World Health OrganizationCN Traveler, DailyMail.

Human Energy Field before and after flying  

Lean about GDV Camera

The Effects of Flying on Human Energy Field

I am sharing the results of my experiments of measuring human energy field using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Camera. The readings of the biofield were taken before boarding the airplane and 3 hours after landing.

Considering the fact that this was a relatively short flight (3 hours 54 mints) from Albuquerque, NM to JFK Airport, NY, the results were surprising.

Dr.Konstantin Korotkov (my dear mentor and creator of GDV Instruments) is a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. He is a leading scientist internationally renowned for his pioneering research on the human energy field. The GDV technique is based on the Kirlian photography.

These GDV readings were performed during: 2/8/2016 – 2/9/2016.

Measurements were performed with Biowell Camera. The Chakra Index decreased from 90% to 39%.
Energy Index decreased from 75 to 39 joules.


Body Stress level increased from 2.33 to 2.93 bringing the body closer to anxiety state.         Energy level dropped from 66.93 to 39.43.

If such a relatively short flight had a negative impact on the body’s energy filed, imagine the effects of the longer flights on all the systems in the body. It’s important to ground yourself after landing by walking bare feet on the earth. In addition, using grounding devices on regular basis and hydrating your body during travel is critical to keep your body healthy and balanced.

HERE are additional recommendation on how to protect your health during air travel.