Why are we getting sicker?


Kinesiology muscle energy testing is a standard protocol that I perform for every client. The purpose of this protocol is to determine sensitivity to specific foods, supplements, and drugs. In addition, I often energy test for any reactivity of the immune system to various substances in the environment.

After energy testing, I use GDV devices to measure energy reserve in each organ and system of the body. GDV scan helps to confirms the results of energy testing and allows to paint a complete picture of client’s physical and emotional state.

Not surprisingly, 95% of my clients have problems with thyroid or adrenals. About 80% of them have drug reactivity – when a body rejects a prescription drug, and over 95% are reacting to bread (gluten) and/or dairy.

Triple Warmer is the energy system that governs our fight and flight response. It is responsible for keeping our body safe and protecting it from external invaders, such as viruses and bacteria. Quite often Triple Warmer overreacts to harmless food and substances because they are not recognized by the body as “friendly substances”. This constant state of reactivity creates grounds for developing an autoimmune illness.

I have to say that this situation was not as bad 15 years ago, when I just started my practice. In today’s toxic world thyroid and adrenal disorders have reached epidemic proportions. In order to reverse autoimmune conditions we must understand why our body is attaching itself.

What is Autoimmunity?

When the body attacks itself and causes organ and tissue damage, scientists call this disorder autoimmunity. People can go a lifetime with the earliest symptoms of autoimmunity, which can include weight gain, brain fog, joint pain, gut problems, depression, mood disorders, and fatigue.

Because these symptoms are unnoticed by the conventional medical community, people never receive a diagnosis of a disease. Instead, they are told by doctors, family members and friends that “you are fine, it’s just stress…” or “it’s all in your head”, even though their inner voice may be telling them that something’s wrong.

The doctors who evaluate these people do not have bad intentions, but because “nothing” shows up as a red flag on a blood test, they might have received generic advice, like “lose weight,” “get more rest,” “eat better,” or “reduce your stress.” Or worse, they might walk out of the doctor’s office with a prescription for anti-anxiety medications to help them “calm down”. Eventually they arrive to integrative practitioners like me,  who have to figure out the real causes and get to the bottom of their dysfunction.

It’s no wonder they show up at my office hopeless as they conditions worsen and confused about what could possibly be wrong with their health. After all, their doctors said they are healthy. Can they be wrong?

In this post I’d like to share with you that illness doesn’t occur suddenly.You don’t wake up with Alzheimer’s disease one day  – it’s a decades-long process with many steps of progression over the years. You don’t wake up with diabetes either – it develops slowly over time.

Scientists now know that for autoimmune diseases, including diabetes and Alzheimer’s, the process starts as early as your twenties or thirties, with multiple steps of declining health along the way. In the case of Alzheimer’s, it might begin with brain fog, then forgetfulness, confusion, memory loss, and, eventually, dementia. For diabetes, the scale might begin with food cravings, then blood sugar imbalances (hypoglycemia), next metabolic syndrome with weight gain, then followed by numbness and tingling that come and go, and finally a diagnosis of diabetes with a high risk of heart disease.

The problem with this situation is that a diagnosis of illness happens only after there is significant damage is done to the body. In this case the solution is a lifetime of medications and a constant battle to reverse disease.

While science has been making clear advances in the treatment of many illnesses, wouldn’t you like to know, sooner rather than later, if autoimmunity is causing your symptoms?

What’s in it for you?

If you have occasional headaches, stomach cramps, constipation, bloating, or acne, and if you’re fatigued even though you’re drinking coffee all day, I’m here to tell you that it’s not normal. These irritating symptoms are a message from your body saying “something’s not right” and you need to pay attention before it’s too late. Many of my clients often say: “I wish I knew about this 10 years ago…”.

The good news is that your body is forgiving and you can make changes in your lifestyle that will begin to transform your life and your health.

There are two major reasons why you are feeling forgetful, sick, overweight, or tired – toxicity and constant inflammation. But addressing these symptoms alone will not work. You need to find out what’s causing this inflammation in your body.

What I am seeing while working with my clients is that most dairy products (especially conventional pasteurised milk and yogurt), sugar, and bread (gluten content in wheat, barley and rye) are the most common triggers that fuel the inflammation and lead to autoimmunity. Published research confirms this as well. There are others, but the functional medicine considers those to be “the big three”.

Toxic chemicals and heavy metals found in our environment, such the lead and mercury, are also contributors to the autoimmune illnesses. Reducing inflammation is the primary reason why scientists, researchers, and doctors share so many successful case studies in medical journals, and why you may have heard amazing testimonials about reversing psoriasis, lupus, ADHD, acne, depression, tumors, and rheumatoid arthritis.

In my office I tell my clients to remove all pro-inflammatory foods that cause their body to overreact and create inflammation. Once these foods and toxic medications that contribute to the immune system’s response are removed, their symptoms disappear, their energy returns to normal, their memory improves, and they sleep better. This improvement can be noticed within 2 weeks of removing the pro-inflammatory foods. This dietary alteration is supported with energy work I offer in my office, such as LED Light Therapy, Eden Energy Medicine, and more.

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GDV Experiment with Essential Oils


To determine the effects of essential oils on human energy field.


Essential oils are able to alter and expand human energy field.


  • GDV instrument (Biowell Camera).
  • Therapeutic grade Essential oils by Young Living: Ocimum basilicum (Basil) oil, Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress) oil, Origanum majorana (Marjoram) leaf oil, Origanum vulgare (Oregano) oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) oil, Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) oil, Gaultheria procumbens (Wintergreen) leaf oil,  Aroma Siez™,  Valor®.


  1. Scan each finger of both hands using Biowell Camera (Scan 1).
  2. Place a subject on a massage table and apply 4-6 drops of each essential oil on the spine and Vitaflex points of the feet for the duration of 50 minutes.
  3.  Apply essential oils in the following order using the feathering, fanning, and rolling techniques: Valor, Thyme, Oregano, Cypress, Wintergreen, Basil, Majoram, Aroma Siez™, Peppermint.
  4. Re-scan each finger of both hands using Biowell Camera (Scan 2).


Energy Field Scan Results

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.06.00 AM
Image shows Energy Field parameter before application of essential oils (Energy -27 Joules, Balance – 92%).
Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.06.25 AM
Image shows Energy field parameter after application of essential oils (Energy – 36 Joules, Balance – 99%).


 Chakra Alignment Scan Results

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.18.31 AM
Image shows Chakra parameter before and after application of essential oils. Average Chakra Alignment before application of oils – 83%; after application of oils – 97%. Average Chakra Index before application of oils – 22%, after application of oils – 42%.


Energy Scan Parameters Comparison

  • Emotional Pressure level decreased from 5.00 to 2.63.
  • Energy level increased from 27.98 to 36.53 Joules.
  • Balance between Left and Right sides of the body increased from 92.02 to 99.96.
  • Organ balance increased from 75.13 to 91.83.
Untitled 7
Graph shows 4 main parameters recorded by the GDV instrument:  Emotional Pressure, Energy Level, Left/Right Balance, and Organ Balance before and after application of essential oils.


Young Living Essential oils are able to influence human energy field. They increased energy and area parameters, improved balance between left and right sides of the body, and increased chakra index (size) and alignment.  The basic data parameters below.

If you need additional information about this case, please contact us: info@healingglobe.com, 732-623-9846.

Scan Data Comparison

This table lists scan parameters before and after application of essential oils.

Parameter Before Application of Essential Oils Before Application of Essential Oils
Emotional Pressure 5.00 2.63
Energy 27.98 36.53
Left/Right Symmetry 92.02 99.96
Organs balance 75.13 91.83
Entropy coefficient 2.84 2.66
Form Coefficient 6.50 3.82
Energy Field Before Application of Essential Oils Before Application of Essential Oils
Left Side 
Area 37776.00 54936.00
Energy 12.77 21.65
Area 29779.00 51092.00
Energy 9.54 19.59
Right Side 
Area 39390.00 52214.00
Energy 13.40 19.80

Chakras Parameters

  Before Application of Essential Oils Before Application of Essential Oils
Chakra Name Chakra Alignment  Chakra Alignment
Muladhara 2.09 2.03
Svadhisthana 0.86 2.64
Manipura 1.11 2.56
Anahata 1.63 2.30
Vishuddha 1.90 2.64
Ajna 1.99 2.90
Sahasrara 1.92 3.03
Chakra Name      Chakra Volume Chakra Volume
Muladhara 99.96 87.25
Svadhisthana 97.01 99.99
Manipura 56.25 99.93
Anahata 80.52 99.33
Vishuddha 58.40 99.94
Ajna 99.63 99.99
Sahasrara 93.68 98.94
Chakra Name      Chakra Asymmetry  Chakra Asymmetry
Muladhara 0.00 -0.38
Svadhisthana -0.09 0.00
Manipura 1.31 -0.00
Anahata -0.58 0.02
Vishuddha -1.25 0.00
Ajna -0.01 0.00
Sahasrara -0.19 -0.03
Mid alignment 83.64 97.91
Chakra Index 22.90 42.21

Body Systems Comparison Table

System Before Application of Essential Oils Before Application of Essential Oils
Head Energy 1.85 2.86
Respiratory system energy 1.75 2.56
Endocrine system energy 1.5 2.91
Musculoskeletal system energy 1.94 2.16
Digestive system energy 1.95 2.61
Urino-genital system energy 1.23 1.93
Nervous system energy 0.43 4.21
Immune system energy 1.55 3.53
Total Energy, Joules 12.2 22.77

The Effects of Flying on Human Energy Field

I am sharing the results of my experiments of measuring human energy field using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Camera. The readings of the biofield were taken before boarding the airplane and 3 hours after landing.

Considering the fact that this was a relatively short flight (3 hours 54 mints) from Albuquerque, NM to JFK Airport, NY, the results were surprising.

Dr.Konstantin Korotkov (my dear mentor and creator of GDV Instruments) is a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. He is a leading scientist internationally renowned for his pioneering research on the human energy field. The GDV technique is based on the Kirlian photography.

These GDV readings were performed during: 2/8/2016 – 2/9/2016.

Measurements were performed with Biowell Camera. The Chakra Index decreased from 90% to 39%.
Energy Index decreased from 75 to 39 joules.


Body Stress level increased from 2.33 to 2.93 bringing the body closer to anxiety state.         Energy level dropped from 66.93 to 39.43.

If such a relatively short flight had a negative impact on the body’s energy filed, imagine the effects of the longer flights on all the systems in the body. It’s important to ground yourself after landing by walking bare feet on the earth. In addition, using grounding devices on regular basis and hydrating your body during travel is critical to keep your body healthy and balanced.

HERE are additional recommendation on how to protect your health during air travel.

How GDV Technology Measures Your Energy Fields

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.55.15 PMGDV Camera, called Biowell, captures the human energy field by measuring the electronic “glow” from the fingers of each hand.

It utilizes a weak electrical current applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond.

Using 55 parameters, data is converted to a unique “photonic profile” and compared to the database of hundreds of thousands of people.

After processing is completed, the program creates a model of the human energy field based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aurveda and Western Medicine.

Biowell program evaluates the energy reserves in all organs and systems and presents it in tables, graphs, and diagrams (see examples below).

Biowell can also measure the real time effects of various foods or supplements on your body. This helps to determine what food causes allergic reactions and what food is in harmony with your body.

The device has an attachment that performs environmental readings of indoors and outdoors and measures the energy of space depending on specific physical or mental activity (for more information about the energy of space, read this book).

Here is an example of a Biofield scan of energy fields before and after application of the energy balancing techniques. In this example I applied the Triple Warmer/Spleen balancing protocol with intention to calm an overactive immune system.

9-11-2015 11-36-51 AMTriple Warmer is a meridian that governs your fight and flight system and mobilizes your body for a stress response  When you are under prolonged stress, it drains the body’s vital energy resources (as shown in the first image.)
This person’s energy dramatically improved after the balancing protocol (second image). This protocol is taught in the EEM101/102 classes.

The next image shows the change in chakra alignment before and after an energy healing session. Note that during this session I didn’t touch the client, I was only working in her energy field.

9-11-2015 11-42-13 AM

These examples clearly demonstrate how quickly the body responds to environmental changes and healing interventions.
Your body is constantly trying to adapt to today’s environmental changes…  But many people are unable to keep up with this fast pace. This causes their body to develop energetic imbalances that can affect them physically and emotionally.

We are in need of tools to help your body adapt and thrive in the modern world. The environment is not going to change. So we must train the body to adapt so it can function optimally.

Click here to learn how to flourish in our ever changing environment!

The Ancient Texts Turned Out to Be True!

The 'glow' of the human finger captured with GDV camera.
The ‘glow’ of the human finger captured with GDV camera.

This image is an actual energy  ‘glow’ of a finger captured by the GDV camera. Every living being has this ‘glow’ around their body.

After the image is captured, Biowell program evaluates bioelectric energy from your fingertips and interprets the data according to principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

This light around your finger is invisible to the human eye, but can be captured by the GDV (“Gas Discharge Visualization”) Camera, developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. He is a leading scientist internationally renowned for his pioneering research on the human energy field. Professor Korotkov developed the Gas Discharge Visualization technique that is based on the Kirlian photography.

With the help of Biowell, we are now able to see the health status of all organs and system in the body, chakra alignment, and a personal biorhythm.

Using parameters captured form the fingers, software creates a unique binaural rhythms file – a music that helps to bring listener’s psychological state back to balance. This balance allows the body return to health naturally.

GDV technology is accepted by Russian Ministry of Health as a medical technology and certified in Europe. More than 2000 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide. More than 250 papers are published on GDV across the world.

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How Alcohol Effects Your Energy

Chakras are energy centers located on the midline of the body. There are seven chakras and they govern psychological aspect of your being. The chakras located on the lower part of your body are your instinctual side, the highest ones your mental side.

The word ‘chakra’ is derived from the sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’. Literally translated from the Hindi it means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’. Chakra is a whirling, vortex like, powerhouse of energy which feeds associated organs and systems. Within your body you have seven of these major energy centres and many more minor ones.

Ideally, all chakras should contribute to your being. Your instincts should work together with our feelings and thinking. However, this is usually not the case. Some chakras are not open enough (being under-active and small), and to compensate, other chakras are over-active (very large). The ideal state of the chakras are when they are positioned along the center line of the body, which represents your balanced state.

Experiments with Red Wine

The wellbeing of your chakra energy (or your psychological state) can be measured by the Biowell instrument. I performed this experiment using Biowell Camera and my intention was to observe the effects of red wine on my psychological state.  The first scan was performed before drinking wine and the second measurement was performed one hour after drinking  a glass of red wine.

As you can see from these images, after drinking wine, six chakras shifted to the right side, which represents the external world. This explains why many people become more social and extrovert after drinking alcohol. Notice that in this case the position of the heart chakra remained the same.

Click HERE to learn more about Biowell and Bioelectrograpy.

You Don’t Have to be a Psychic to See Your Own Energy!

I’m taking a trip to New Mexico to meet with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg in Russia. Dr. Korotkov has led a research career for over 25 years, combining scientific methods with a curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul. He is a scholar in philosophy and a serious mountaineer with 20 years experience. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 24 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 40 national and international conferences.
Check him out here….

The exciting news is that Dr. Korotkov invented a revolutionary device that takes Kirlian photography to a new level and allows you to see your own energy!

This means what we have been reading about in ancient texts can now be measured! 

The GDV (“Gas Discharge Visualization”) camera evaluates bioelectric energy from your fingertips and interprets the data according to principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The electronic “glow” of your finger is invisible to the human eye, but can be captured by this device.

You are able to see the health of all your organs, chakras and your personal biorhythm. In addition, the software creates unique binaural music that helps to bring your energy back to balance so the body can return to health quickly and naturally.

The GDV technology is embraced by The Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical diagnostic tool.  More than 300 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide. 

I have been experimenting with the GDV camera and am so excited to share some of my case studies when I get back from meeting with Professor Korotkov… In the mean time, click here for a more detailed explanation of his findings.