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As an energy medicine practitioner, a biofield analyst, and a human design expert, I’ve worked with a lot of clients who have been willing to do the work and show up for their lives in a big way. They’ve taken every workshop they can, gone to various therapies, read hundreds of self-development books, hired coaches, and studied every success system they can. Yet, they couldn’t quite create the abundance they’re looking in their lives. They reached a comfortable minimum, but, in spite of all their efforts, they haven’t quite tapped into the joy and the vitality that an inspired and abundant life promises.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. I’ve been a personal growth junkie for most of my life. My desire to master success and abundance came purely out of desperation. At the age of 33, after years of struggling with my failed marriages, I became a single mother and experienced deep dissatisfaction with my life. I had been studying every abundance system I could find and attended every self-help workshop that teaches the science of transformation.

I wrote dozens of affirmations, had a vision board in every room, and set my intentions daily. However, I was still single, overworked, physically and emotionally drained, and struggled to keep up with overwhelming number of priorities in my life.

Until I came across Human Design many years ago.

And when I first received my Human Design reading, I cried because it was very accurate and deeply profound. I discovered that I was a Projector who was not designed to work 9-5 like most people. That explained why my well-paid job as a Project Manager felt so “wrong” and overwhelming. It have been depleting my vital energy for years, triggering my autoimmune condition and making me feel miserable. I learned that, as a 1/3 Ego Projector, in order for me to use my energy properly, I must wait for an invitation instead of making things happen in life. I also learned that I must only engage into relationships if “there’s something there for me”.

While expanding my energy healing practice, I happily quit my 9-5 job and enrolled into the Human Design Program. I spent several years learning, testing and living it.

As I was gaining mastery, I soon found out that learning how to wait and doing what feels right was quite a challenging task. I had never waited for anything in my life! I was a control-freak, planner, go-getter, and a “manifest my own staff” kind of girl. I was also taught that taking the most difficult path, pushing through, and suffering a bit along the way is a good thing for my character.

As crazy as it sounds, doing what felt good left me feeling guilty and lazy. This whole thing about waiting seemed weird to me, but I was willing to experiment with it for a while to see if that worked for me. I have been working and thinking hard my entire life but I could never achieve the results I truly wanted. My healing practice was expanding at a very slow pace despite doing “everything right.” I decided to surrender to my Human Design Strategy and see if something shifts in my life. It didn’t take long.

Within weeks potential clients began contacting me and asking about my services. They were amazed by the accuracy of the Human Design readings and deep transformation they created in their lives. After each consultation, I felt that I was making a REAL difference in the world while being fulfilled emotionally, spiritually and financially. I was able to build a successful practice without doing any hard work.

This experience created a revolution in my life and I began to trust Human Design and its flow of abundance. I eagerly waited to see what the universe had for me each day. In the mornings I would start my day following the energy of inspiration, even if it meant not doing the things I “should be doing”. I allowed my “Higher Self” to show me what it wanted me to do instead of allowing my life to be controlled by my mind and my limiting beliefs.

Now, I have to confess that I never struggled again and every day of my life brings abundance, joy, and bliss. Every day, I’m amazed by the conscious intelligence and its natural way to provide what I need and more.

The Human Design chart shows that we sometimes have to struggle in order to learn and move forward. But we’re not designed to suffer for a long time, to push hard and predict the next steps in our lives. We are designed to BE IN A FLOW with life and to live authentically. When you live your life from that deep, authentic place, the Universe provides you with abundant support, energy, health, vitality, love, relationships, and opportunities so you can be who you really are.

The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out in your mind! Surprisingly, when you let go of your need to control everything, it all unfolds with ease and life become effortless. As you let life unfold while trusting this process, answers and opportunities reveal themselves to you. Nine years later, I’ve learned from experimenting with Human Design over and over again and I love its elegance.

In the Human Design System, there are 4 Energy Types, 12 Profiles, 9 Energy Centers, 32 Channels, 64 Gates, and 196 Incarnation Crosses. And each gate has the possibility of being in one of 6 Lines. Combination of each of these factors in your chart makes you a truly unique being! Because of this distinctive combinations, it’s impossible that you can fit into a one-size-fits-all formula for love, success, or abundance.

Each of us has our own story where we create the success and abundance we deserve in our own way. The Human Design System allows you discover your unique way of creating an inspired, abundant life that fits YOU. It shows you the beauty of who you truly are and how other people’s energy may have been keeping you from experiencing your magnificence. If you’ve ever felt that you’re not abundant, healthy, supported, lovable, purposeful, powerful, or valuable, knowing your Human Design will help you get to know Yourself!

To get started, you need to get your Free Chart here.  Then click the “ORDER HUMAN DESIGN CHART” button right below the page. Once you have your chart, book your free call to get a 20-minute overview.

Can’t wait to do your unique Human Design Chart soon! In the meantime, I’d love to know… what’s one thing about you that you’re aware of that you think really makes you unique? I’d love to see your answers in the comments below even if you think you have no idea at all!

Love Yourself,

Irina Maryanchik

Irina Maryanchik Eventbrite

Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT, works with women entrepreneurs who suffer from autoimmune illnesses. She helps them rebuild their health so they can create profitable, passion-infused business. She is a gifted intuitive, Human Design analyst, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Past Life Therapist, Human Biofield Specialist change catalyst, passion coach, teacher, and speaker. Find out more about Irina here.



“I was a different person before I started to write. When I realized I could be a songwriter and that people would listen—that was when I started feeling good in my life.” − Gwen Stefani

Do you feel that you aren’t a ‘creative person’ because you struggle to put an articulate sentence together, or you don’t know how to draw, or you’ve never played an instrument, or you never seem to come up with great ideas in business meetings?

Did you know that even the most creative people, bestselling authors, and songwriters, compare their creativity to others?

Creativity is the expression of your soul and the innermost part of our being when you share something private that only you can see, hear, or sense. It should be free-flowing, natural and spontaneous…

But if you’re like many people I’m blessed to work with, I’ve noticed these common challenges most of them face when getting into the realm of their own creativity:

  • We have forgotten how to be creative, even in the privacy of our own home.
  • We are often creative behind closed doors, but too scared to share ourselves with the world.
  • We don’t believe it’s possible to make a living from our creativity.

Creativity is not an exclusive gift just for artists and music makers. It’s part of being a leader, CEO and solution-oriented business owner. Each of us was born with a capacity to be creative. We simply channel and express our creativity in different ways. It can be easy for some people and a little painful for others.

Creativity allows us to think outside the box and to solve our problems. It also helps us be innovative and to generate new ideas. Sometimes, we’re in a flow with it, other times we’re not.

Regardless of your past conditioning and beliefs, the reality is that you ARE creative in many ways.

Creativity isn’t a magic and something rare, it’s part of who you are.

Many of us grew up being encouraged to focus on facts and logic, over-relying on the analytical mind, details, and science. Creativity is on the opposite side of this spectrum. It engages your imagination, artistic ability, music, passion, intuition, and playfulness.

Humans are designed to engage both sides of the brain, incorporating both, reality and fantasy. And even though many of us may have ignored our creativity, it’s still there in a dormant state, waiting to be discovered…

But how to unleash and tap into the power of your own creativity?

If you want to be creative, your job is to simply open yourself up, follow your passions, and allow an unlimited abundant stream of universal energy to flow through you onto the stage, onto the page, into your speech, into your canvas, or into your relationships.

There are many sources of inspiration available to you at any moment. You can tap into them and have access to millions of new ideas. But this information will only be revealed to you if you open yourself up to receiving inspiration. Daily practices of focusing your attention on the things that inspire and move you will shift your reality, allowing you to live in a flow with nature and life.

Try to be conscious of your self-criticism, fear of rejection, perfectionism, fear of judgment, and other negative emotions that intoxicate your creativity and disturb your inner balance. Removing these distractions from your life and focusing on the things that inspire you will help to shift your awareness and feel peaceful. 

Our soul craves to create and to play. But at the same time, we have a need to feel safe in life. When you allow yourself to be playful, you never know where your inspiration is going to come from or where it could possibly take you on…

Your Creativity is Unique 

Everyone has a different routine or rhythm that ignites creativity. Some need to be well-rested and nourished, creating effortlessly in the morning after breakfast. Others stream creativity in the darkest hours of the night. Some thrive with a rigorous routine, putting in long hours while others need to be free and only create when they feel inspired.


Immerse Yourself in Nature 

Experiencing nature awakens a sense of vitality and joyousness, which invokes your creativity. Without conscious thought, you can look up at the amazing number of stars in the sky or leaves on a single tree, and feel a sense of wholeness and delight. As you gaze at the sky, think about how humanity throughout history (even during the ancient times) and across continents has observed these stars. Have an experience of being a part of something larger than yourself that it timeless and unchanged.

Create Sacred Space at Your Home

In ancient times, sacred spaces, such as temples, churches, were built on land that evoked a sense of connection with the Creator. Sacred places like the temples of India and Machu Picchu have become a place for those who yearn for a sense of connection to the Divine. Your sacred spaces can be created wherever you feel a sense of spaciousness and connection to the life-supporting forces of the universe. Arrange the space in your home or office to bring in more light and nature. It helps you feel expansive as you open up to your important role in all of creation.

Move Mindfully

Many forms of physical movement can be a door into open-minded consciousness and creativity. Somatic therapies such as mindful dance, yoga, martial arts, tai chi, and qi gong, are the well-known ways of quieting the logical mind. They help to access your subconscious mind and connect with the creative forces of nature. Any physical activity that involves discipline and slows down your thoughts, from ice skating to dancing, helps to create new neural connections in your brain and promotes inner balance and problem-solving abilities.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

A need for discovery, embracing the new and the unfamiliar, can help you transform your life in ways you never thought possible, as you find the strength to move out of fear into something new. We grow when we play out of our comfort zone. To close the gap between where you are and what you want to create, it requires discomfort.

Change Your Established Routine

Look outside of your industry for ideas, take a break to visit new, undiscovered places where you’ve never been before. Change your regular routine, take a different road while driving to work. Chose to wear a different color shirt or a dress. If you wear the make up every day, try not to use it for a couple of days. Go to a department store and try outfits that you wouldn’t normally wear. Look at yourself in the mirror and notice how you feel. Switch what you’re reading or listening to for a couple of weeks.

Turn Negatives Into Positives

If you have a habit of negative self-talk, try changing your automatic negative statements into positive affirmations. Do it as soon as you notice these negative thoughts in your mind. For example, you may change the thought “I can never get it right” to “I always get it right”. Develop a habit of doing this on daily basis and watch your life transform.

Be Present

Learn to be happy in the present moment instead of wishing you were somewhere else. Cultivate gratitude for the things you already have instead of wishing for things you don’t have.

Change Your Environment

Surround yourself with inspiring people, books, movies, music, and environments. Let go of the things in your environment that remind you of your old memories and people you’ve had disagreements or arguments with. Surround yourself with things that inspire you, promote imagination and uplift your spirit, such plants, artwork, crystals, objects from nature, and vibrant colors. 

Dismiss Negativity

Learn to hear and dismiss that voice telling you that no-one will enjoy what you’re creating, that your ideas aren’t interesting, that everything has been said or done before. We all have that voice, but all successful people choose to ignore it. Google executives encourage their employees to play fun activities like volleyball and bowling to activate the creative parts of their brains. You can do that too!

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life listening to this false perception of yourself, that only exists in your head? Or will you listen to the expanded voice of your soul that is calling you to open up the gateway to your creativity?

The Bonus “WAY” – My Favorite Stuff!

  • Singing along to your favorite music as you drive
  • Walking in silence on the beach with your feet in the sand while listening to the birds and waves
  • Doing a headstand or hang upside down
  • Writing with the less dominant hand
  • Learning a new language
  • Tracing figure 8’s in the air
  • Meeting connections with new people

Your family, your friends, and your community are all waiting for you to own and unlock the creativity that wants to pour through you. That passionate stream has been building up behind your mundane life and is ready to burst through you. It’s time to unlock and open those floodgates! Have fun! 

What’s your favorite “getting into your creativity vibe” exercise or activity? Share it in the comments below.

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As lightworkers, we do things differently…

We step out of our safety zone to uncover what we’re really here to do. This is rarely an easy journey or clear path, as we have a lifetime of external conditioning, baggage and blocks… Stories we have been told, stories we have told ourselves and paths we have been told to follow, in order to live a life that fits in with our society and culture.

Our well-meaning family and friends always want to protect us. Our teachers try to fit us into a structure, reshaping and remodeling us from a circle to a square and vise versa. The government, media, and corporations feel safer when we play small, think and live according to what we are told. Many of us have been advised to be more practical, more realistic, and to have a plan B and C.

Over the years, these messages and patterns have created confusion within ourselves about who we really are. Our vision have become blurry and we have lost ourselves … almost.

And yet, it’s never too late. It’s better to be a lion for a day than a hamster on a wheel for a lifetime. Our lion instincts never die because it wants to be heard and be seen.

Many of us have been rejecting our soul’s voice for years. We’ve been trying to fit in, afraid to stand out, numbing our senses with drugs and alcohol, overstimulating our bodies, following gurus, parents or partners, seeking approval, labeling ourselves as ‘freak’, and comparing ourselves to others.

We live in a society where it’s easy to merge with the crowd and follow somebody else agenda.. Our soul has been ignored and beaten down. But it craves to be seen and heard. We are confused about what we are here to do because we have no idea who we truly are.. And sometimes, it takes to experience a crisis in order to change and begin seeing kindness and faith around us.

Our unique gifts and talents have been dormant for years, waiting for the opportunity to take center stage…

It’s time to let them step into a spotlight and be seen, heard and expressed fully.

Allocate time to get to know yourself, even if you’ve done some inner-work before, follow the steps and do it again.

Why? Because what you discovered about yourself last year, last month or last week may already have evolved. There may be more that’s now ready to be revealed, or you may have outgrown what you thought you knew. This is why we do self-inquiry over and over again.


The first step to finding clarity around your life is to reflect on what brought you here. Journal about or contemplate on these questions daily:

– Why are you on this planet at this exact moment in time?

– What are you passionate about today?

– What would you like to accomplish before your life is over?

– What do you want to be recognized for?

There’s a passion, a calling, and a light within you when you do what you love. During those moments, you are given a blessing to create meaningful success that is not only fulfilling, but also in true alignment with who you are.

To achieve this alignment, start by exploring your Magic Purpose Square. Your Magic Purpose Square is when you integrate your talents, passions, skills and intentions. These are distinct aspects, each one of them guiding you to ensure you are on the right path.

Your Magic Purpose Square
Your Magic Purpose Square

1. You passions are things you love and care about.

2. Your talents are what you’re good at and what comes naturally to you. It can be writing, cooking, organizing, teaching, speaking, listening, creating, research, technology, making people laugh, or taking care of others.

3. Your skills are things you have learned in school and college, your professional training and education.

4. The intention is the end result you hope to achieve. This is a product of your imagination and creative potential that exists in your mind and hasn’t been realized yet. Intention is a key to monetizing your passions!

And if you want to learn more how to deepen your understanding of yourself and discover your unique gifts and talents that will allow you to monetize your passions and begin making money doing the things you love to do, join us at this powerful weekend workshop.

Also – in my powerful “Living Life On Your Own Terms” Program, I help people discover their passions and talents so they can become unstoppable in their business and personal life. Find out more about this program here.

Looking forward to supporting you at these transformative workshop-events!

Meantime, I’d love to know… What are you most passionate about in your business, career or personal life? What are the thoughts, feelings and sensations that come up for you when you think about living your passion to the fullest? Share your answers in the comments!

To your greatest success!

Irina Maryancik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT


Irina Maryanchik Eventbrite

Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT, works with women entrepreneurs who suffer from autoimmune illnesses. She helps them rebuild their health so they can create profitable, passion-infused business. She is a gifted intuitive, Human Design analyst, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Past Life Therapist, Human Biofield Specialist change catalyst, passion coach, teacher, and speaker. Find out more about Irina here.

How to Become Limitless

How To Become Limitless

When I first started following the call to become an entrepreneur, I had a stable full-time job in NY City, best health benefits in the country, and a six-figure salary. Everything looked perfect on the outside, but I felt miserable on the inside. My body was in a constant pain from sitting on the office chair in front of a monitor for 7 hours a day. I was forcing myself to wake up at 6:000 am every morning so I could be on a 7 am bus filled with sleep-deprived, fagged commuters. I envied people who celebrated their retirement and was secretly hoping to be that person.

I decided to hire a business coach to help me learn how to be self-directed and confident. The greatest gift she gave me was this phrase: “Your only limitation is the one you place on yourself”. She invited me to explore where I was playing small, and what limits I was self-imposing. While working with her I realized that I am truly limitless. So what determined the height of the glass ceilings I created for myself?

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s who studies human biology, explains how we inherit our belief system of what is possible through generations of genetics. Since a was a little girl, I remember my father admiring people who worked for the big corporations and receiving great retirement and health benefits. He would always negatively commented on the entrepreneurship as it couldn’t guarantee a secured future financial stability.

His fears and beliefs were stored deep in my subconscious mind and impacted every part of my career and life. I gave up my personal freedom in exchange for financial stability.

We not only inherit and download the DNA of our parents’ and grandparents’ physical conditions but also their fears and behaviors. This means that we not only inherit our height and eye color but also what we believe is possible in our life.

And this inherited expectation deepens when we spend time with people who have the same limiting beliefs (often fear based), enabling us to get stuck in a never-ending cycle, which we then pass on to our children.

The good news is that, just like our physical health, these mental settings can be changed, thanks to the science of epigenetics. If lifestyle and environmental factors can influence our biological gene expression, what is possible for our inherited mental patterns, beliefs, and behaviors?

Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression, rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza are leaders in the epigenetics field. They explain that every person on the planet has the opportunity to become whoever they want to become, complete with unimaginable power and the ability to operate from the highest possibilities.

They believe that we all have the power to break free from our inherited programming. The first step is to recognize that our subconscious mind exists and has been influencing us. Past Life Therapy, Biofield science, and kinesiology have helped me greatly with learning how to let go of my own fear-based mindset and become an innovative entrepreneur.


Your ego, your dark side, the devil on your shoulder, your inner critic… Yes, we all have one and you may know its presence by another name.

Whatever name you call it, it’s likely to have held you back in the past. And the only way you can inerrant with it is to make peace with it, which can be emotionally challenging for many of us.

Your ego does not like when you follow your heart, when starting your dream business or when you dream big. It feels threatened by the creativity and unknowing nature of the future. You will be cracked open and old insecurities and sensitivity will be triggered by limiting beliefs, past stories, blocks, or self-esteem issues.

Unconventional careers ignite our ego because our major fears as humans are humiliation and feeling unloved. This makes us more vulnerable when pursuing entrepreneurship.

Stepping out as a business owner, you are vulnerable and open to criticism, which is especially hard for us. Expressing yourself, sharing your creativity, creating new goals and visions that others might not yet see or believe in, and being seen and heard as your true authentic self is scary. It threatens our ego that wants to feel safe, cool and collected.

It’s a natural survival mechanism for our ego to protect us from the unknown by playing small and staying away from the spotlight. To protect you, the ego tells you stories about being unworthy, about lack of money, about being seen, being heard, and being successful.

Ego tells you about who you are ‘not allowed’ to be. It attaches itself to old failures, stories and, as a result, you can get stuck in patterns and behaviors that most entrepreneurs recognize: overwhelm, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and outdated limiting beliefs that have been with you for years. You may overthink everything and create problems and blocks that exist only in your head.

Do you recognize these thoughts that the ego clings onto to make you stay safe?

“I am good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, qualified enough, connected enough, or young/old enough. In short, never enough of anything!”

Looking at your own insecurities may make you feel uncomfortable, but working through years of limiting beliefs will eventually pay off. Before your audience believes in you, you must believe in yourself!

I believe we’re all put on this planet for a purpose, and we all have a different purpose. When you connect with that love and your passion, that’s when everything shifts.

The secret to overcoming your ego and its fears is knowing that everyone feels this way at times, even your heroes and role models. Recognize and acknowledge these voices and fears without acting on them. The important thing is to understand that it’s okay to feel your fears because you are human. Just don’t let fear hijack your plans because you have a higher purpose to fulfill in life.

Occasionally, you may be rerouted by your fears taking over. We’re about to learn now how to explore and acknowledge our fears, then course correct by reframing them, turning back towards faith. While we never become 100% immune to fears of humiliation or judgment, we can work to identify and diffuse fears as they arise. Transitioning from fear to faith is a daily choice we can make as an entrepreneur.

In my powerful “Living Live on Your Own Terms” program, I help people recognize and eliminate their ego-imposed fears so they can become unstoppable in their business and personal life.  Find out more about the program here or view our transformative workshops here.

To your greatest success,

Irina Maryanchik

Irina Maryanchik Eventbrite

Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP, PLT, works with women entrepreneurs who suffer from autoimmune illnesses. She helps them rebuild their health so they can create profitable, passion-infused business. She is a gifted intuitive, Human Design analyst, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Past Life Therapist, Human Biofield Specialist change catalyst, passion coach, teacher, and speaker. Find out more about Irina here.



Best way to reverse chronic illness and get more energy

  • Do you find it difficult to lose weight or keep it off?
  • Are you overweight or out of shape?
  • How’s your energy level?

Do you get out of bed each morning energized and feel strong, vibrant, and alert whole day? Or you drag yourself out of bed and suffer from fatigue, irritability, or poor concentration?

How is your overall level of health? Are you free of pains and distressing illnesses?

Or you suffer from a chronic disorder that just doesn’t go away, such as allergies arthritis.

Do you have indigestion, low blood sugar, cardiovascular problems, headaches, depression, or frequent infections?

If you have any of these symptoms, chances are you are undernourished. For many of my clients, undernourishment is very common, even if they think they eat “correctly”. Obesity, for example, is a sign of undernourishment. My overweight clients are literally starving for nutrients to satisfy their hunger and normalize their metabolism. Even if they are eating only the highest quality healthy foods, they very deficient in the vital nutrients their body needs to work properly.

Fortunately, our body always lets us know when we are not feeding it correctly. The symptoms we experience are the signals that our body sends us, telling us that it needs to be supported with energy that matched our metabolism.

If you want to enhance or maintain your health, there is no substitute for eating according to your metabolic type. Regardless of your current physical health, knowing your metabolic type is the first step in start enjoying a life full of vibrant health and fitness, and free of the degenerative illnesses that disturb many people in developed countries.

What’s Your Metabolic Type?

The three metabolic types are Protein Type, Carbo Type, and Mixed Type. Once you identify your metabolic type and the diet that is right for you, you can modify your diet, enjoy abundant energy, and extend your life!

You and your family member might both be Protein Types, which means vegetarian-based diets and carbohydrates will not be the best food for you. But even though you both need to eat protein and restrict carbohydrates, he/she might require heavier proteins and be more reactive to carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches.

Even though you were born with a specific set of dietary requirements dictated by your genetics, your needs can shift for a number of reasons, such as stress, illness, exercise or nutrient deficiencies. Your diet is highly individualized and it is constantly changing. That’s why I energy test foods and fine-turn their diet while we work together.

When we complete their blood tests and determine their metabolic type, we can fine-tune their diet. They know exactly what kinds of foods are compatible with their body chemistry. We determine what foods energize them, make them feel great, and support their health over the longer term. They learn the secrets of combining macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) in the specific proportions that are just right for them. Learning exactly what foods to choose and exactly how to combine them is of fundamental importance for eating according to your metabolic type. The list below gives you a brief synopsis or preview of the three general metabolic types and the diets that correspond to each category.


If you are a Protein Type, it means your cells metabolize carbohydrates too quickly and your body relies on glycolysis for energy (fast oxidizer). The parasympathetic branch of your autonomic nervous system is stronger and more dominant than the sympathetic branch. Protein Types require a high protein intake in order to strengthen their sympathetic system and balance their slow metabolism. They need high protein to slow down their rapid cellular oxidation rate.

  • High protein
  • Heavy, fatty,
  • High-purine proteins
  • High fats and oils
  • Low carbohydrates
  • Metabolic Imbalance: fast oxidizer or parasympathetic dominant


If you are a Carbo Type, you need a higher percentage of carbohydrates in your diet in order to strengthen the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system. You need to consume more carbohydrates in your diet in order to speed up your naturally slow cellular oxidation rate and acidify your too-alkaline metabolism.

  • Low protein
  • Light, lean, low-purine proteins
  • Low fats and oils
  • High carbohydrates
  • Metabolic Imbalance: slow oxidizer or sympathetic dominant


If you’re a Mixed Type, you combine the other two types. You need to eat a mixture of foods that will support both sides of your autonomic nervous system – both your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Since your cellular oxidation rate is neither fast nor slow, you need to eat a mixture of foods so that you will not create a one-sided effect that speeds up or slows down your cellular oxidation rate.

  • Mixture of high-fat, high-purine proteins and low-fat
  • Low-purine proteins
  • Requires equal ratios of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Metabolic Imbalance: neither fast nor slow oxidizer neither parasympathetic nor sympathetic dominant

These 3 metabolic types provide a starting point that will enable you to customize your diet and eat in alignment with your body’s nutritional needs.

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  • Do you suffer from fatigue, joint pain, weight gain, frequent headaches, hair loss, insomnia, or food sensitivities?

Maria had been ignoring these symptoms for years because they seemed minor and not life threatening. She was living life as if she were healthy, ate whatever she wanted, and acted as if she was just like everyone else. As the years passed, she began to feel less energetic and gained weight. She looked older than her real age, suffered from constant joint pain, anxiety, and insomnia. When Maria came to see me, she said that she didn’t recognize herself and wanted to understand what was happening to her.

I ordered blood work and performed adrenal and thyroid energy tests. The results showed that Maria had a chronic autoimmune illness called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  In addition, she had an overactive adrenal function, which caused her body to produce too much stress hormones – adrenalin and cortisol.

People with the autoimmune disease typically feel very discouraged. For them, undergoing conventional treatments rarely leads to a higher quality of life.

What is Autoimmune Disease?

Autoimmune disease can involve any organ or system in the body: joints, skin, digestive system, hormones, nerves, connective tissues, and muscles. Rheumatoid arthritis affects your joints. With Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, the thyroid is attacked. MS (multiple sclerosis) destroys myelin, the protective layer around your nerves.

While it may seem that these conditions are vastly different, the common theme in all of them is that your immune system gets confused and starts attacking your body. The immune system is designed to protect you from foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria. It creates antibodies that are used to identify and destroy pathogens; enabling you to recover from an illness. With autoimmunity, these antibodies target healthy tissue. This leads to inflammation and cell destruction: like an army aiming its own weapons against itself!

Autoimmune illness often affects multiple organs or systems; which makes it extremely difficult to receive proper treatment. Some autoimmune diseases cause chronic symptoms, while others have little or no disease activity or flare ups. Many autoimmune conditions commonly present with nonspecific symptoms like pain and fatigue. Because these symptoms are not easily identified with a specific condition, diagnosis is troublesome. Symptoms can also vary widely from person to person, making an accurate diagnosis problematic.

The AARDA (American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association) estimates that more than 50 million Americans (roughly 1 in 6) suffer from autoimmune diseases; 75 percent of whom are women. Medical science has identified more than 100 autoimmune diseases, with another 40 suspected to have an autoimmune component. Autoimmune disease is one of the most significant healthcare issues facing our world today.

Types of Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are classified into two groups: organ-specific diseases and non-organ-specific diseases. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (which affects the thyroid gland) and type 1 diabetes (which affects the pancreas) would be examples of organ-specific diseases. Some non-organ-specific diseases would be rheumatoid arthritis (which affects the joints) and lupus (which affects connective tissue). Organs of the endocrine system (thyroid, pancreas, adrenal glands, etc.) are the most commonly affected. The most commonly affected non-organ tissues are connective tissues: such as blood, muscles, and joints. Many autoimmune diseases commonly coexist with others: for example, celiac disease and Hashimoto’s.

Unfortunately, obtaining a proper diagnosis is often very challenging for those of us suffering from autoimmune diseases. According to the AARDA, those with an autoimmune disease spend an average of 4 years seeking diagnosis; with visits to more than 4 physicians in the process. Some go undiagnosed for years, while others get misdiagnosed with other conditions.

The undiagnosed and misdiagnosed rate for celiac disease can be as high as 83 percent; showing how difficult it truly can be to obtain answers. Autoimmune disease symptoms can be nonspecific, mild, and gradually build over time; making it difficult to determine if you need to see your physician. When you do, you are often told everything is fine and further testing that could uncover early warning signs is not ordered.

One of the biggest issues with the conventional treatment of autoimmune disease is that it’s often misdiagnosed. This leads to people being bounced around between primary care physicians and multiple specialists before getting proper testing and treatment. Many of us who suffer from autoimmune symptoms wonder why we should even bother seeking a diagnosis, especially if our symptoms can be improved just by making dietary and lifestyle changes. However, there are benefits to having a clear diagnosis.

THIS QUIZ will help you become clear about your risk of autoimmune illness. Also given are suggestions about the first steps you can make to start improving the quality of your life.

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One of the biggest issues with the conventional approach to autoimmune disease is that it’s often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. This leads to patients being bounced around between primary care physicians and specialists before obtaining proper testing and treatment. Many of us who suffer from autoimmune symptoms wonder why we should even bother seeking a diagnosis, especially if our symptoms can be improved just by making dietary and lifestyle changes. However, there are benefits to having a clear diagnosis.

In order to prevent complications from the damage caused by autoimmune disease, early diagnosis is important. A correct diagnosis helps you to connect with the specialists and other medical providers you need, weigh treatment options, and think about how you want to navigate dietary and lifestyle modifications. Unfortunately, obtaining a proper diagnosis is often the most difficult part of the process for those of us suffering from autoimmune disease.

Awareness of the autoimmune diseases related to your current diagnosis can be helpful if signs of new diseases become obvious, as it can make these new diagnoses easier for health-care providers by pointing them toward likely disorders and allowing for earlier identification of multiple autoimmune syndromes.

The following quiz will help you become clear about your risk of autoimmune illness. Also given are suggestions about the first steps you can make to start improving the quality of your life.


0 – never occurs

1 – symptom occurs monthly

2 – symptom occurs weekly

3 – symptom occurs daily

4 – symptom occurs several times per day


(Add an appropriate number for every symptom)

  • Abdominal pain or stomach cramps
  • Anemia of any type (YES – 10, NO – 0)
  • Blood or mucus in stool
  • Chronic pain in muscles, joints, and bones
  • Chronic viral condition (shingles, chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr, mono, herpes, hepatitis, or other chronic viral condition) (YES – 5, NO – 0)
  • Cold hands or feet and trouble staying warm
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Decreased sense of taste or smell
  • Dermatitis or itchy skin
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing (brain fog)
  • Difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, or lump in the throat
  • Difficulty with exercise
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Dry eyes, mouth, or skin
  • Family members have autoimmune conditions (YES – 5, NO – 0, multiple – 10)
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Feeling puffy or inflamed
  • Food allergies/ sensitivities
  • Food and sound sensitivities (YES – 5, NO – 0)
  • Headaches
  • Heat intolerance and/ or sun sensitivity
  • Heaviness in limbs, loss of muscle tone
  • I was diagnosed with 1 Autoimmune disease (YES – 30, NO – 0)
  • I was diagnosed with 2 or more Autoimmune diseases (YES – 50, NO – 0)
  • IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, or both
  • Loss of outer third of eyebrow
  • Morning stiffness
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Night sweats
  • Numbness or tingling in extremities
  • Osteoporosis or osteopenia (YES – 10, NO – 0)
  • Periodontal infections or gum issues
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Rashes, hives, and skin issues of unknown origin
  • Thinning hair or hair loss
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Overweight
  • Unexplained low-grade fever
  • Weakness and/or tremor
  • White patches on skin or inside of the mouth


  • I am a woman (YES – 10, NO – 0)
  • I have heavy and painful periods ((YES – 10, NO – 0)
  • I have infertility (YES – 10, NO – 0)
  • I have had multiple miscarriages (YES – 10, NO – 0)



Very Low Risk. If some of the symptoms you are experiencing are aggravating, make it a priority to speak with your doctor or holistic practitioner to find out if they could be caused by other conditions. Make lifestyle and diet modifications that help to reduce your risk.


Low Risk. This is the silent autoimmunity stage. You may have antibodies present, but you are not experiencing disruptive symptoms. If you are suffering from autoimmune disease, ask your doctor to order these lab tests. Remove gluten and dairy from your diet.


Moderate Risk. There is a high chance that some of your symptoms may be caused by an autoimmune reaction. At this stage, lifestyle and diet intervention can significantly improve the quality of your life. Order these lab tests and switch to the Autoimmune Paleo Diet. Order the food sensitivity testing (contact us to order) to find out which foods trigger the autoimmune response.

Over 101:

High Risk. You have an autoimmune disease, or your current symptoms make diagnosis very likely. Form a healthcare providers team (if you don’t already have one) and consider changes immediately to improve the quality of your life. Order these lab tests, begin the Autoimmune Paleo Diet, remove emotional and physical stress, and seek support from your friends and family. Connect with others who have the same condition and share your experience with them. If you live in a big city, consider moving into a cleaner area closer to the ocean or a park. Replace high impact exercise with yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or walking.